• -46C in Siberia, Russia.
    • Suzanne Harris
      Are you seriousl?that is hardcore
  • Riding a police motorcycle at 70 mph, when the temperature is 15 degrees above zero. Anyone know what the wind feels like on the skin at that speed? The wind chill factor.
  • -sixty something Faherenheit (NOT windchill) at the northern polar icecap. Once upon a time in Indiana, in the mid-1980s, actual temperature got to -21 F with a wind chill of -82 F. Shattered the backglass on my car when I shut the back window. Remember that, BigDaddyBS?
  • In Manitoba we had these crazy Winters, like -40, one year it went up to bloody -51 with the wind factor. Plus there's always so much wind, so that makes it worse. People here in Québec complain about their -16, I laugh. XD
  • -48 F.. Northern Michigan just south of the Canadian border.
  • I don’t know what the actual temp was, but when I was a student at IU, the wind chill got down to -53ËšF, one wintry Monday. It was only the third time in 75 years that they canceled classes. On a related note, by Wednesday the temperature had rebounded to a sunny 46ËšF. People were actually out tanning! (Think about it… that’s a 99ËšF difference in just two days!)
  • I can remember a couple of "single digit" lows, back when I still lived on the farm, (one night was 9 degrees F, the other was 8 degrees F ... there was no wind chill back then). I was 15 - 18 years old, and it was "dang" cold, gathering eggs and milking the cow! I also, in the early '80's, (just after getting married), remember it being so cold one day that, I showered and ran out the door (headed to work), and was gonna let my car "heat up" for a few minutes, while scraping ice off my windshield. Well, my wet hair FROZE! It was SO weird, LoL! The radio said it was 12 degrees that day.
  • -60 F January 1995
  • Chief ( ) and I were security guards at the same plant. I was out at the concrete and glass "shack" checking in trucks and keeping non-employees out, and the Chief was in one of the buildings (where it was WARM!) It was SO cold, and I believe around Christmas, that not ONE of the replacement guards' vehicles would start. I think even the Chief had problems getting HIS car (a poop brown Gremlin, with a small plastic toy of Spike from the Gremlin movie screwed on as a hood ornament - screw up his butt, of course). The plant was down for the holiday, and again, our replacements couldn't get there. I went out, and, amazingly, MY cheap-ass little Citation DID start. My super hadn't made it in, either, so I got permission, called someone (Chief?) up to the front shack, and drove over to our super's house. He was outside TRYING to get his big pickup to start... It wouldn't, of course. He called a couple of guys, and I drove around to pick them up and drive them out to the plant. I picked up The Chief, and I THINK the other guard (two buildings), and took them home. We were cancelled from having to come in for the holiday. Turns out our super and the other two stayed out there for four straight days until the weather broke. His wife took food out to them once someone got one of his vehicles started. To this DAY, I have NO CLUE how my Citation started... I almost remember pulling it up close to the shack, opposite the wind, so maybe THAT was it. (Since no one but the guards were in there, and no trucks were expected for 3-4 days, I could do that.) It froze Lafayette, Indiana solid for days. (And BELIEVE me... That shack was FRIGID... The main heater wasn't THAT good, and the small electric heater under the counter was ALL that was REALLY keeping me warm that night... That, and a sweater and a heavy guard coat, and a t-shirt under my guard shirt. I had to LOCK the one door to keep it shut against the wind. The ONLY time I was close to that cold before (and I'm including NUMEROUS boy scout winter campouts) was about 1976 or so, when wind-chill was -30 or so, and Purdue refused to shut down. Walking to classes was EXTREMELY hard that year! ;-)
  • Where I live in CT. I think it was January of 1995, the temperature was -12 F.
  • Right here in up-upstate NY. hows -25 sound.. I hate it so bad here...
  • Zero to five below zeroo. It was the winter of 1978 in New Jersey USA. It lasted amost a month. Pipes froze in the streets and in houses.
  • -10, with a wind chill that made it feel like -22. That was last winter where I go to college: Ithaca, New York.
  • Coldest: +25 degrees Fahrenheit, in Denali, Alaska. I know that's not THAT cold, but I'm a California girl, so that was a first for me!
  • The coldest I've ever experienced is -10º F, with a wind chill of -62º F, at North Chicago, IL.
  • The coldest weather I was in was -48 F (actual temperature, not wind chill) in a small town of Raco Michigan. That is COLD.
  • Seven degrees above zero, in central Alabama several years ago. I know that might not sound very cold to some hearty souls, but it's pretty remarkable for Alabama!
  • 50 below zero. I live in barrow, AK. :) My 2 cents.
  • Eagle Plains, Yukon Territories ... -54°C ...
  • After reading a couple of other answers, I guess my 42 degrees below zero experience is tame. However, it was in Fessended, North Dakota which is cold for that part of the US.
  • It hardly seems worth mentioning the 10 degrees Fahrenheit that we get here in Arizona, in the winter.
  • About -30 degrees.
  • -20 degree Farenheit in Cedar Rapids IA 2 years ago.
  • About 20 below zero. We had a HORRIBLE ice storm, I believe the year was 1994 or '95. We lost power for 3 days and we were all wearing like 10 layers of clothes and sitting around the fireplace to stay warm.
  • -26° Fahrenheit.
  • -20 F for two days and -18 F the next, in north central PA. It was the winter of 2002-2003.
  • 3-29-2017 -20F in Illinois. We had freezing rain for a week. Shrubs and trees collapsed under the weight of the ice.

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