• "Sorry, I don't drink beer. It sucks"
  • I go with the traditional F' off, I'll drink if I want to. Though the idea of refusing is quite alien to me. My liver and I haven't been on good terms for years.
  • Tell them your the designated driver :)
  • Just say "nope, I don't drink", a true friend is not going to be disappointed in you for not having a beer :-)
  • say your disappointed that they can't hang out with a sober person.
  • say you rather have a cocktail
  • Be prepared
  • A simple "No thanks" should do the trick. If they persist, then they're being rude. Tell them to quit.
  • Tell them you're allergic.
  • I just say "Nah, I'm good, thanks though."
  • I dont know why you would'nt want to drink,but if you say no then you friends should accept that,if they dont there not real friends.
  • Tell them your staying sober so you can pay for their rehab.
  • If they are true friends, then they will want your company no matter what you are drinking, so say "No, thanks. I'll have something else." If they are not true friends, then you won't know them in the future, so why conform to their problem?
  • i have plenty of beer-drinking friends. don't tell anybody, but, i even have a few friends who visit the dentist every six months. i doubt if my dentally hygienic friends would feel great disappointment if i missed a dental appointment. frankly, i doubt if i'd even waste a brain cell thinking about the disappointment that the friends who see the dentist often might feel if i skipped a check-up or two. why do i care so much about the one but not the other? sure, my beer drinking friends might call me names if i don't drink, like panzy or something not too nice. my dentally hygienic friends probably would never start calling me names. there are few things that separate us so much as drinker / non-drinker and smoker / non-smoker. now, to actually get to the crux of your question. i'll drink a coke followed by an o'doll's (spelling police again?) back to a coke ... i don't let folks buy me a drink, just in case they want to buy me something that'll lay me out on the floor. i try to keep visits with friends to bars somewhat restricted. i also suggest activities to friends other than going to bars. so, what kinds of things do i say if somebody says, "want a drink?" well, what would i say if a gay guy were hitting on me at a bar after work when i was with friends? not being gay, i'd politely decline it. why would somebody want to buy me a drink - a friend that it? i usually feel comfortable now refusing drinks from even friends. i use lines like, "i've had enough" (which, if you average out the last 30 years, it's true!), "i'm the designated driver", "i'm taking my wife to a play at 8", "i really appreciate your generosity, offering to buy me a beer, but, if you'd buy me a ferrari instead, i'd be really grateful!". humor is one of my closest allies.
  • "No thanks, but I'd be happy to drive you all home if you'd like."
  • Just say no! You don't have to drink just because your friends do. You won't disappoint your real friends.
  • Tell them you are beginning to have an allergic reaction to alcohol. The doctor suggested not to drink.
  • "nah i'll drive you home" or something along no thanks
  • Ever tried real slow drinker?

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