• If he lives in jail, you can rest assured that he will be raped many times by other angry inmates who hate child abusers.
    • Supersoftball
  • You must be referring to the guy in Rhode island, life will be horrific for him in the general population.
  • There are many things wrong with the US judicial system. They seem to have loop holes in their morality decision process. What was the criminal's name? He didn't happened to be white did he? please tell me he wasn't white...
    • Supersoftball
      Of course, he was white.
  • The media sensationalizes court cases and judicial rulings that protect and spare the guilty while denying protection and justice to the innocent.
    • Supersoftball
      Oh BS!
    • Franco333
      A true connoisseur of BS should know it when he tastes it, and since none are more skilled in it than libturds, yours must be considered an expert opinion.
  • For one thing since everyone in prison will know what he did, he'll probably end up dead and ass raped everyday in the shower. Secondly what is wrong with the US is open border policies and minorities. Those two things are whats corrupting our country and having a bad effect on the rest of us hard working European ancestry Americans.
  • Death wouldn't be punishment enough... he will get what is coming to him in prison!
  • He is a horrible person who deserves to rot. Death is release. So, I don't think he should be killed as he will suffer more if he's alive.
  • Hmmmm, let me think about this, What is wrong with the US, if you have all night I can name many things, what you should be asking, is what is wrong, with the legal system.
  • I was talking to my mother tonight about this. I told her if it had been my daughter, then they'd have to put my to death for killing the rapist. I am so angry with the Supreme Court's decision. They have let down the child rape victims who will endure lifetime physical and emotional pain from the trauma. It's sickening.
  • What is wrong with the US? Many ask that because we even have the Death Penalty in the first place, so maybe you need a little perspective here. I agree that his crime was horrific, but how is your desire to end his life morally superior? Who else do you want to kill? It's not that I am anti-Death Penalty, but I must agree that unless the convicted person actually took a life then they should not have to pay the ultimate price. Besides, I think it safe to say that a few years as the man-bitch of cell block D may prove to be a fate worse than death... assuming he doesn't get shivved or curb-stomped like Cardinal Geoghan. The problem with living in a democratic society is sometimes society won't agree with you.
  • the incidences of wrongly convicted people finally being vindicated makes me think this is the right decision. You get all riled up and angry, of course, when someone is accused of raping your child, but if they're actua;;y not guilty, then, what about that? Prison seems like at least a little bit of a safety method. Think of the innocent once in a while. It's not unheard of.
  • It's pretty ridiculous that we as tax payers will be the ones to pay for his stay in prison. Thats what pisses me off. It would be cheaper to fry all of them. One reason I fully support the death penalty.
  • It is much worse in Canada, the Canadian legal system is a joke. If the exact same crime was committed in Canada he probs would have gotten 40-50 years in prison maybe with the right to parole with good behavior after 30.
  • I always find it somewhat hard to believe when normally somewhat reasonable ABers become so eager to kill people. The US is the only industrialized country (basicly the only country) that still executes people and our crime statistics aren't anything to write home about. History and current facts show that capital punishment does not reduce crime.
  • I would take any child rapist or molester and nuter them so the urge would be gone. We wouldn't meed am expensive program of monitering sex offencers once they were released from prison. Also, to solve the problem of all those convicts living off taxpayers money (life of ease) I would execute all who were guilty of murder 1 and murder 2. That would take care of repeat offenders. Who ever said innocent people aren't killed. It's done all the time in the name of war. A few in the justice system wouldn't even be one percent of those innocents killed in war. I could go on and on and on. But time to shut up.
  • yes its wrong as can be he should be condemned to the title of police officer and have a baby sitter with him so he can pay his debt rather than we pay to keep him alive
  • I agree. This is just ridiculous. Some people just deserve death penalty, that's why I support it.
  • I don't know what they're thinking or if they are. I know if anyone touched my child, he'd never make it to prison. Even if i had to. See, I would have the death penalty for killing a child rapist, but he'd get life. go figure.
  • Where in American did this person get the death penalty for having sex with a child? In America, he would not even get the death penalty if had been found guilty of the same crime 4 times before, unless he killed her/him, so try again. No, unless found guilty by a jury and a death was involved. Despite the lies Nancy Grace and Olivia Benson tells, sex crimes cases or any criminal case, rarely go to trial, they are usually, especially crimes against children are pled prior to trial to spare the child from having to testify.
  • death is too easy, hes better off suffering in prison
  • The court system has been usurped by leftard-libturd judges and DAs, whose bleeding hearts for the criminals are matched only by their apathy towards the victims. Between the habitual leniency of the judges, and the habitual laziness (plea bargaining) of the DAs, it is a minor miracle that way more is not "wrong with the US". Not that the EU courts are in any better shape, where even the most vile serial killers are afforded an easy life in a comfortable prison cell....and never is heard such discouraging words as 'death sentence'!
  • It has been said that there are worse things than death. Spending the rest of one's life in prison looking over their shoulder is one of those. You may think that if he's no longer allowed to live, the wounds will heal. This isn't so - the little girl and her family will suffer for the rest of their lives. The perpetrator, on the other hand, won't. When you think about it, death is an escape. You no longer have to worry about anything or anyone - you are in a state where there is nothing but peace - a kind of peace that is unimaginable while you live (I've been there). Is this what you want? To give him peace while the family suffers?
  • ...and you would be living in prison for the rest of your life.

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