• not so far on AB, but it happens to me in real life so its only a matter of time.
  • LOL, Yes, it was a religious question, at the end of a very long conversation, they said, Oh, I agree. So I put, FINALLY! LOL, They laughed.
  • no one has ever asked me for more information... but there have been some heated emotional exchanges.. when it becomes a no win situation, i just stop replying. as the saying goes "where there is no wood, the fire goes out".
  • yup!..when there is no point to anything further and someone will never see my point of view...why waste my time and energy.
  • I can sympathize with you and there is a limit, but I figure if I'm not answering this question, I'll just be answering the next one!
  • Frequently! Especially when trying to reason with a close-minded bigot. There's no way to do it! Some people so consumed with hatred will never see the light or the error of their ways! And then there's the religious and political questions. Sometimes there's just no point!
  • Just did it today, actually. The guy was trying to tell me that my Church teaches something completely different that what it actually teaches, even though I supplied two statements that confirmed my position—and he’d supplied a third, himself! Some people….
  • Not yet. When the thread is going nowhere but in circles, I simply leave! :)
  • Only once. No matter what I said, or how I phrased it, I could not get my point through to them, so I just unsubscribed from the comments. And it was an opinion, not some yes or no
  • I never use to, but I'm walking away more, and more today.
  • Hmmnnn ...Well Actually I just ignore them after a while or unsubscribe from the comment ....but mostly I ignore :) !
  • Yes. One in particular. I answered the question and the poster commented that I had not answered correctly. (An opinion question)..because he had MEANT something else (he used the phrase "like someone" when he MEANT "have sex with someone"). When I remarked that I answered what he asked, not what he meant..he called me a smartass. Which I returned with "which is preferable to being a dumbass"..then a bunch of my questions were immediately downrated.
  • If I find it is going nowhere or the person is just playing or ridiculing me, I just leave after an attempt at being polite fails.
  • It has happened several times especially when some users are dying to pick a fight. I don't fight or discuss with anyone if they keep on insisting I answer while reasonable to do so otherwise I simply don't answer any more. Cheers to you.

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