• Wow that is a generalization of gianormous proportions. Not every white girl is interested in black guys. White girls in general do not have a specific race they prefer to be with. Yet some white girls prefer black, Latino, white, Asian, Indian (with feathers) Indian (with a dot) Arabic, etc. etc. etc. As for thinking what black men may want. It is pretty commonly known that SOME black men prefer white women - not all - again we are getting into the wider broader range of ethnicity that SOME black men may desire or prefer.
  • To accept this as a question one would have to accept your premises. If I did, and I don't, I believe if I thought so -- I would also have strong feelings as to why I believed so, making the question pointless unless I was only looking for confirmation or an argument. And yes -- I may get called out for being rude --again.
  • That would be like me saying why do people who ask questions with broad sweeping generalizations lack the forethought and intellectual ability to ask a logical question!? As one white woman I know I can get many black men because they have told me so flat out. I also know there is at least one who wouldn't spit in my throat if my guts were on fire! Meh whatever! So much for generalizations!
  • You are overgeneralizing. That is illogical. You use false premises.
  • not sure why, nnaybe they just want sonnething different
  • 31 different flavors and some like to try them all.
  • I am a white blonde girl, and I don't think about black men at all. Don't flatter yourself. I don't want a black man. Can you get that through your thick skull. Some black men go out with unattractive white girls who can't get a white boyfriend. I guess most black men prefer their own race.

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