• first and foremost,he will be sensible. proper time management(punctual as well) one who can adapt himself or herself as per the environment. IN SIMPLE WORDS,PERSON WHO DOES NOT EAT HIS/HER OWN WORDS.and knows his or her role and responsibilities towards his/her family,society and himself/herself. who has his /her goals and objective set up in mind.
  • they pay their bills on time show up for work on time/and are gainfully employed have a home (most important) they know how to problem solve!!!!!!
  • First, they are responsible to themselves: self-responsibilty. They take care of the things they need to take care of to survive in a healthy and fit manner. Second, they take responsibilty for their own actions and spoken/written words. This is not to say they must be politicaly correct or can't have radical views. But don't deny them if you have them and express it to others. Third, they take care of those things which depend upon their care: kids, spouse, s/o, pets, house, yard, etc. Under this umbrella falls paying bills on time, ensuring their safety & survival, etc. Fourth, they are socially responsible and are aware of the impact of their actions and inactions, e.g. "don't litter", "help others when you can", etc. Finally, they know themselves, accept their past, don't fear their future, and are able to live in the moment more than other folks.
  • Someone who remains obedient to God despite the actions of others. Job thought God was causing all of his calamities, yet he continued to praise God, praying for guidance and forgiveness (Job 1:21,22). Noah was scrutinized and made fun of for decades, yet he continued to do God
  • one that it nice to people

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