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  • 1) "Tata Nano" or "Maruti 800": "Maruti 800 is perhaps the most popular car in India. It is the the smallest car in productionin India. The car came into existence in 1984 and survived ups and downs in the last 2 decades and more. Until now, there was no real threat to Maruti 800 but today, the real challenge has come from Tata Nano. The first thing that Tata Nano has done is to steal all the media attention.When Maruti 800 hit Indian roads over two decades ago, few could have visualised the manner in which it revolutionised the way we travel by car. The question today is: will it now give way to the Tata Nano launched Thursday?Never mind the fact that what was touted as a Rs.100,000 car will cost at least a fifth more - and that's for the standard non-air conditioned version.Also discount the fact that the formal rollout of the Nano will be only later this year. Seven of the 10 people at Thursday's launch said they would definitely consider it an option." Source and further information: Further information: 2) "Hindustan Ambassador": "Another reason they chose the Morris Oxford is that the most popular car in India, the Hindustan Ambassador, was based on it, making India a good place to find spares and expertise." Source and further information: 3) "Premier Padmini" "Apart from the most popular car in India, the Premier Padmini, Premier also manufactured the country’s widest range of commercial vehicles for a variety of road transport applications." Source and further information: 4) Further information:

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