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  • Not that i know of. I think they are just there to get you into a pattern.
  • It's POSSIBLE (I don't know how likely though since I haven't read much about the pills) that you won't have a period if you don't take them.
  • No, it's not 'bad'. They're only there to assist you in keeping track of the days. They have nothing in them to affect you at all. Traditionally, birth control pills are taken in a 28-day cycles. For 21 days, a woman takes a pill that contains active hormone every day. Then for seven days she either takes no pills (for women that use a 21-day pack) or she takes 7 sugar pills (for women who use a 28-day pill pack). During the time that she is taking no pills or the sugar pills, she will have a period. This is not actually a true period. In fact, the bleeding is brought on by the fact that she is not taking hormones during that time (a “hormone withdrawal bleed”). After the seven days, the woman starts her next pill pack.
  • FYI sugar pills are incredibly effective for most illnesses as long as you do not know it is a sugar pill. Pharma companies get medicines approved based on how they compare to sugar pills!! A few percentage points is all it takes. Interesting?
  • Not at all as long as you know they are working. :)
  • i dont take mine and i seem fine

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