• Only for the unappealing ones.
  • Sure, and it is.
  • There is nothing wrong with nudity public or private nudity. If you believe what the Bible says, God made us in His image, male and female. He said when He made us we were perfect and also nude. Why then would he change His mind and say what He had made to be naked suddenly become dirty and shameful? That would make God a lier! There are many instances in the Bible of nudity and God is never upset with any instance. Should you like to read information on Christian nudity please go to these sites: and Here are two major affiliation sites on nudity: and Social nudity and sex should not be grouped together they are two different things. I believe you can see from what I have said and shown I support public nudity both Biblically and secularly.
  • It is illegal. It is called indecent exposure.
  • What about nude asspicking though? I mean...
  • Nah, it's just the human body, nothing vulgar about it, IMO...
  • Yes, in most places it needs to be. There is a basic hygiene issue. Alot of people just do not bathe enough to go sitting in a place I may sit in after them.
  • No,when I was stationed in Germany there were public swimming pools called the schwim bah and people would swim nude there.When I first herd of this I could not wait to go there,I had a image in my head of all these pretty German girls walking around and swimming nude.I went there and the only people that were nude was old people,It was so nasty to see,I ran out of there and never went back.
  • i believe it should be made legal. . this is supposed to be a free country so people should have free choice.
  • i thought it allready was
  • Hell no. I can't think of anything less offensive than the human body.
  • I think it should be made legal. It's not that big of a deal. Some places are colder than others, and people may choose not to be nude, but I don't think it should be outlawed.
  • No! Of course not! I believe people should have the freedom to be nude in public. There is nothing gross or any thing to be ashamed about. Yeah sure, it's probably not something you want to see everyday. Who cares? It's not like you'd be staring at them. It's a bummer for those nudist to have to hide in the shadows and the only place they could be naked is nude beaches. Humans are animals too! If other animals are allowed to be naked, then so should we! We as human beings should have the right to be naked.
  • No. First, everyone who's for public nudity, there are a million safety issues and other practical reasons it's just a bad idea. Hats are compulsory for schoolchildren in Australia. If anything, we should be passing laws requiring that clothing have higher levels of UPF protection, that kids wear hats to school (instead of disallowing them as most dress codes do) But my reason, is simply because it goes against the principles of America as a country. And I'm not talking about morals or ethics, or my personal beliefs. One of the great things about America, is that people of all different religions, ethnicities, beliefs can live side-by-side. People who believe the naked body is a sin can live next to people who have no problem with public nudity, can live next to people who fully cover their bodies, including their hair and faces. The way this works, is that there's a general code of behavior, a middle ground. We know a little about others beliefs and we respect them. People may look at a world where gangs are fighting and people hate others who aren't like them and not see that, but it's true. We have room for everyone, and the way we do that is by not going to any extreme, and people who believe in those extremes make little pockets for themselves.
  • Yes it should be illegal. Not everyone wants to look at that, have some decency ladies.
  • wtf is wrong with you guys? Nudity is awesome. Y'all gay.
  • No, I thought we as humans had the right to freedom? +5
  • Ow my yes!

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