• i don't think so but they do have the "jewish" thing in common.
  • They don't appear to be. No site for either Marty or Corey that I have looked at mentions the other. Corey was born in California to Sheila Goldstein and Bob Feldman, a rock producer and musician. Marty was born in London, England and died in Mexico City in 1982. Here's the bio off Corey's website - On July 16, 1971 Corey Scott Feldman was born, the 2nd of 5 children. His cherubic face and outgoing demeanor convinced his parents, Bob and Sheila Feldman, that he was made to be a star. This proved to be true, because by the time Corey was 3 he landed his first role in a McDonald's commercial. Not long after that, in 1979, Corey was cast in the short-lived sitcom, "The Bad News Bears." Although the show only lasted a few short seasons, Corey's career did not. In fact, his role as Regi Tower opened doors for new work, and in the same year, received his first movie role in "Time After Time." Corey then went on to appear in many television shows in guest roles, and a few made for TV movies. Although he did not appear in any other films for a short time, he did supply the voice of Young Copper, in Disney's "The Fox & The Hound." Right before his return to the silver screen, Corey played an important role in Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter, the main character, Tommy Jarvis, as a child. Then Corey's reappearance in theaters came when he played Pete in "The Gremlins." This role was followed by a short cameo in "Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning," which caught the eye of Hollywood big-wig, Stephen Spielberg. Corey's acting impressed him greatly, which led Mr. Spielberg to the decision to cast Corey as Clarke "Mouth" Devereaux in "The Goonies." This movie planted Corey firmly in the midst of Hollywood and led to another very successful part in Rob Reiner's 1986 film, "Stand By Me." After his portrayal of Teddy Duchamp, Corey landed a role in "The Lost Boys" which also starred Corey Haim. His excellent portrayal of the vampire-seeking teenager, Edgar Frog, won him the 1987 Youth In Film award. After "The Lost Boys" was released, producers soon began to acknowledge that Haim & Feldman worked well with each other, and used this on-screen chemistry to create other movies such as 1988's "License To Drive" and 1989's "Dream A Little Dream." His next film was "The Burbs", which was the last well-known live action film he was in for years, but his voice was still able to be heard as Donatello in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Part I & III." All the while, Corey had been dabbling in drugs, which then started to take a toll on his private life. This struggle would last for a few years, until 1991 when Corey went through rehab for the final time, and succeeded in becoming sober with the help of the staff at Cri-Help in North Hollywood. Since becoming sober, Corey has broadened his horizons by not only continuing his acting in over 15 films, but also establishing a name for himself in the music business. In 1994 Corey produced his own album titled, "Love Left" as a solo act. After that Corey visited the acting stage once again, and appeared in "Tales From The Crypt: Bordello of Blood" in 1996, and the science fiction film "Legion" in 1998. From there, he went back to the recording studio and in 1999 released a cd entitled "Still Searching For Soul" with his current band, Corey Feldman's Truth Movement. As of now you can find Corey devoting a lot of time to his musical career as well as continuing his passion for acting. Throughout his life and career he has had ups and downs, as everybody does, but he has fought through it all and has a resiliance that will not stop bouncing back no matter what adversity is thrown at him. That determination is why you can expect to see and hear from Corey much more in the future.
  • Wow! I was sure they were.

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