• Sometimes they are related. But not always. Something you are interested in can be interesting. Then again what you are interested in might not be interesting.
  • sounds like they would be
  • Yes. They both begin with the same root word interest.
  • Both "interested" and "interesting" are forms of the verb to "interest". The form "interested" is the past participle, expressing the verb as occurring in the past. The past participle "interested" also functions as an adjective to describe a noun (an interested student or an interested buyer). The form "interesting" is the present participle, expressing the verb as occurring now and ongoing. The present participle also functions as a gerund (a verbal noun) and an adjective; for example, "Interesting is how it was described." (gerund/noun, subject of the sentence) and "That was an interesting question." (adjective, describes the noun "question").

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