• Usually when that happens, you need a new battery. Most warranties cover everything except the battery.
  • I have a similar problem with my Motorola W375, which will only hold a charge for about half the rated time. Whatever you do, DON'T use one of those "antenna stickers". I put one in my phone, and it drained even faster! One thing you could try is letting the phone comletely discharge (to the point where it won't even come on) before you recharge it. Your batter may have developed a memory, expecting to be recharged more often than it should be.
  • You might need a new battery. Before charging a battery on a phone, you should let it run out fully. Otherwise the battery won't last that long in the future. You should do that every time, just to be sure. I had a friend with that same exact problem and that's what technical support for his phone told him. Also if you can, you should turn the screen brightness down, that will reduce the amount of power that the phone uses.
  • Drain the batteries completely, then recharge your phone. If that does not fix the problem the batteries need to be replaced

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