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  • My opinion is no. As long as the parent doesn't do it so that does an internal injury, I believe that the parent has the right to do that. Then again, I dunno what the law says.
  • It isn't the way to teach the child, thats for sure. It sends mixed messages. The child just gets the message that when the adult gets upset they bite, kick or slap so they will continue to do so when they become upset. The best thing to do is to be very sturn with the child, make sure they know that it is not okay, be very consistent in your word or with time out. Dont give in.
  • If the child has honestly never felt a kick, bit, hit, then no. I find that really hard to believe though. So I think it is wrong. And that there are other ways to go about disciplining the child.
  • No. We (adults) usually know the limits for physical pain and regulate that accordingly when delivering the ''payback'' yo...
  • No. children learn the fastest by what their parent teaches them. whether its good or bad, a child will always mock their parents. Giving an example has always worked for our children. Biting gently, or kicking gently, is not child abuse. Child abuse involves intent and teaching a lesson is not an intentional criminal act.
  • i was asking because a friend of mine bit their child back, to show them that it hurts... i think that if its just a one time thing, then fine... but social services were called, and i dont know whose side to take. they are a good parent, but i think its very immature to bite your child, was just wondering what others thought about the situation
  • Maybe a hit, but not a kick or a bite. Imagine a parent biting a child. How ridiculous is that picture.
  • I'm really shocked by these comments. That was how my parents dealt with my sisters and I. And that was how I dealt with my son (yes I bit him - not hard of course). I never felt abused, and neither did/does he. Now I have a seven year old stepson who STILL BITES, because his mother didn't feel that was the appropriate form of discipline or teaching. I believe people are so overly concerned about child abuse that they are letting children grow up into little monsters. The old forms of discipling and teaching are far superior than the garbage being handed out now.
  • if the child is stupid enough to do it to his parents. i think that unless the child has a known mental problem the parents should hit the child back.
  • Depends. I bit my teacher at kindy and she bit back about 10 times harder and I think that was abuse. If if was done just slightly I don't think it's abuse. A loud "no" is better. I think kids should not be permitted to hit their parents but restraining them from doing this is better and telling them they may not do it.
  • yes a man her in new zealand was charged with child abuse for flicking his sons ear! its illegal to hit any child in any manner of force
  • Yes. A child doesn't have the maturity to deal with this type of demonstration. It only knows that it is being abused.
  • Wrong or right. My daughter use to bite her friends at school and there is nothing more dangerous as n bite going to deep. I tried all forms off punishment, till one day the school phoned me. I went straight there and bit her back in​ front of all her friends and she never did that again. Each parent and child to there own. I would say trying other maters are best but if it doesn't work, like I said it helped for me and stopped the bitting

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