• Sorted???? My library???? The books are "sorted" by the way they are put on the shelf...any which way, last one in the house on top.
  • My library is sorted in a way that no one could understand besides me :D I can find a book in a few minutes, but someone else would probably get lost there It's sorted by these things mostly: genre, my liking of the book (or how often do I read it), author, size
  • It is sorted in several bookcases. I'll describe the one closest to me, it has 6 shelves: Shelf one is jammed (upwards) with reference books and dictionaries, Shelf two has folklore/mythology/some history Shelves three, four, five and six have poetry. I've attached a picture of the top three shelves (and a tube of toothpaste! That's where I put it...) Other bookcases have travel books, novels, other non-fiction, etc.
  • By the author's last name... it's like a regular library. I have things organized and under control. :)
  • It is sorted by the date in which I stcked them on top of each other. I maybe have about 8 books lol, so they are easy to find.
  • Author by alphabet, then within each author the books are sorted by date they were written. If a books out of place I fall out with everyone in sight =S
  • The nonfiction is together by subject and there is an area for very tall books. Then the fiction is by authors and type of book.
  • Size. With the bigger books on the bottom shelves, smaller ones further up... and then by author =)
  • First thought I had was "in lots of bookshelves"! lol Have had to pull out the oversized books ... into little "sets" put here and there around the house. That done, have arranged both hard cover and paperback books by topics. For nonfiction (have lots of it) .. have several shelves for for genealogy and local history books ... what I call social and cultural history and pop culture books .. writing and publishing books .. collecting books (then sorted within that by size, not topic) .. computer/technology books .. art history books .. well, you get the idea! For fiction, tend to have mostly paperback, so have full to the brim shelves of science fantasy books arranged by author's last name. Mysteries have their own place. Another shelf in another room has poetry and plays. Ooops .. have another bunch of nonfiction in yet another room .. all "how to" books!! er .. mostly by topic .. then size for nonfiction er .. mostly by type .. then author for fiction then the oversized exceptions and of course, we won't talk about all the magazines, maps, atlases, "and such"! :)
  • How much i like the books
  • HaHaHa. Sorted. My books are sorted by the order in which they were yanked off the shelf and tossed on the floor by my almost-three-year-old, then hastily picked up and shoved randomly back on the shelf by me.
  • Fiction: Alphabetical by author, or annual colletions in sets Non Fiction: Dewey decimal system
  • Sorted by category, and then size....
  • usually by the authors last name..and then by size
  • No order whatsoever.
  • I would have it categorized via subjects, for I tend to be very subjective! Also, the librarian occupation would be filled by my sexy Roselynn!
  • Fiction is sorted alphabetically by author. Non fiction is sorted by subject loosely using a library of congress type system. I'm a little obsessed.
  • My TBR's are on their own shelves just random. I try to organize the rest according to genre, then alphabetizing the author but am nowhere near perfectly organized.
  • It's sorted by subjects and then by size. Where I have more than one book by the same author, I put those together.
  • By authors. I can usually remember who wrote what but cannot remember what the title is. Works for me :)
  • ... subject first, then, within each subject they are sorted by author ... within each author's section, I then sort by the publisher's release date.
  • Mine is sorted by the category, then by size.
  • They are sorted by author or how they fit on the shelf. Rather random.
  • my bookcase is a what i call organised chaos.there is no order to it at all.i keep meaning to sort it out but never do.
  • Since I moved last year, it's sorted by box.
  • Alphabetically by author, whether fiction, poetry, philosophy, or biography. History, entertainment, and oversize books are kept separately. I might add that I found a sign reading CONTROL FREAK, and I keep it where it's one of the first things you see as you enter my tiny apartment, which contains several hundred books.

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