• Well, I came here looking for answers and found Aristzid with a fantastic response! Being a person who prefers home-made (and then frozen) meals for lunch/dinner, I'm now paying almost 60% more for groceries these past 2 months. I'm buying milk from drugstores, buying other staples like butter etc only on buy one/get one free sales, and I'm going to take the bus to work 2 times this week.
  • I go for the store brands when possible. I do not have a car, nor do I need one. For the past 19 years, I ride a bike, and have gone considerable distances. At my old place, I often ate figs, plums, and apricots from my back yard.
  • I love the store Aldi's. They sell most things at a 50% discount because they save money in other ways. (you pay for the bags, the cart and they don't accept anything other then cash/debit card) I shop mostly there and haven't stepped foot in a regular store in years. With these economic times, the cliental has changed-more BMW's in the parking lot. (they use to snub the place) As a family, we are eating more rice, beans & pasta and the portions of meat are smaller. More soups on the table too. I don't throw away the carcass of the chickens until I make broth with it, same for turkeys. Add some noodles or vegs and that's another meal. I'll be growing a garden in the spring and canning what I produce. No more trips to eat out. If there isn't a dollar menu, I don't even bother. And NO WINDOW SHOPPING. If I don't see it, I won't long for it.
  • I don't cut back on quality. Setting a budget and avoid buying things I don't really need has saved me a lot of money.

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