• The one-piece is always a great choice, but it costs more bucks. The two and three-piece tables can match the quality of a one-piece, but the best ones approach the price of a one-piece. I would certainly trust a three-piece to roll straight, but I would rather have the one-piece if I could afford it.
  • I've never even heard of a full sized table that had a one piece slate. Bar boxes use them, but a 9' table has ONE THOUSAND POUNDS OR MORE OF SLATE ALONE. You can't build a full sized table with one piece of slate, and that's what happens when you buy a table. The folks who set it up show up at your house with your table in bunches of boxes. They haul in all the parts, and often will ROLL THE SLATE PIECES IN ON ROLLERS. Each piece will weigh around 300+lbs. Given that only 8 and 9 footers use 3 pieces of slate, a 3 slate table is better, because 7 footers are only good if you have limited space. The setup is critical on a full sized table. Anything less is like playing basketball with half a court and an 8 foot rim.
  • One piece slate are sloppy bar tables ,not designed for precision more for built durability which is why such a high cost. With 3 piece slate tables you can acheive a better level,which is why valley has to have a seperate tournaments bca uses 3 piece.
  • yes as sometimes the slate needs shimed on a three piece one

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