• None...! But I've got 6 pairs of non-prescription reading glasses in various rooms around the house...! ;-)
  • I have one pair.
  • Two pair. One for daily use that has progressive lenses, and one pair for computer work. Talking to my eye doctor, there is a rapid increase in astigmatism among people that use computers. And it is caused by LCD screens both on laptops and desktops. So when I am at a computer, I switch my glasses.
  • I have one to combat my myopia. I don't need them to use the puter or to read and stuff like that however.
  • I've got the pair I'm wearing, and I think I still have my old pair that is missing an absolute emergency back up. I have astigmatism and I get really severe eye-strain headaches if I don't wear my glasses. Sucks!
  • none..but I have about 10 pairs of over the counter 1.75 magnifications. The eye doctor told me that that was all I needed...BUT of these 10 pair...5 are broken(and I haven't thrown them out)..4 are missing in action and I'm wearing one:)
  • I only need one so that's what I have. I carry the Rx for my glasses so I can get them replaced at any 'one hour' eyeglass shop.
  • None, my eyes are nearly perfect.
  • None yet. But I think it's time to get some as I have been using the drug store kind and one eye is definitely different than the other and my glasses aren't doing it for me.
  • Just the one, I can't afford any more than that, but I keep my old ones just in case. I know some places do offers, but have you seen their selection? Hideous.
  • Just two. My glasses and my sunglasses.
  • I've recently had an eye test and I think that for the first time since I started wearing glasses (about 30 years ago), I now have the right number of pairs. I have moderate myopia with one eye a lot weaker than the other - for close-up work I can see very well with the more myopic eye(without glasses). I can't read with my distance glasses on. I have three pairs: 1. Varifocals (my main pair) - worn most of the time (because I think I look better in specs). One reason for getting them is that I no longer have to take off my glasses to read the prices in shops. 2. Cheap pair with single vision distance prescription (for a spare pair for use in emergencies) 3. A pair made up to my reading prescription (most of the time I don't bother with them but I sometimes find that they help for long periods of computer work or reading)
  • I have two pairs of prescription eyeglasses.

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