• I don't think so, sounds fun though. What is it?
  • to celebrate Clint Eastwood's birthday?
  • All states in the geography of the US have "Realize My Dream" serving laws! Viva America.
  • Arizona does. The "Make My Day" Law is when an intruder is in your home and you feel that they will cause you and/or family harm you can shoot to kill without reprocussions from law enforcement. Basically.
  • No. I live in the UK and there was a case in 1999 when a farmer at an isolated farm shot two burglars, one of whom died from his injuries. The farmer ended up serving a long prison sentence - he was called Tony Martin, and the case is on wikipedia. Personally, I do feel that someone should be able to defend their property. Maybe then people would think twice about burgling - at the moment there are too few repercussions. BTW I am not the same anonymous that passed comment on the other answer :-)

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