• I like how I look in my glasses
  • I'm using contacts now, but what used to prevent me from getting contacts was the fact that I used to find them difficult to put on. I was also afraid of gouging my eyes out. I was also not good at keeping them clean. Thanks to my sister (who's paying for my contacts), a little maturity, and disposable contacts, I'm enjoying contacts now.
  • I can't wear them. They said I have something that makes it impossible for them to stay in the correct position for my astigamatism. Besides I'd just have to keep taking off and on my sunglasses. I'm very sensitive to light.
  • I never have and they are high mantinence! Glasses are easier and they also make better ones that look better on your face
  • I used contacts for some time. It was just too much of a hassle and I was always losing them. At my age, appearance is rarely a factor in anything I wear, and I have to wear eye protectors of some kind at work, anyway.
  • for the longest time they didn't have my prescription in contact lenses. thank god they do now
  • I am just used to my glasses and I haven't found any reason why I NEED contacts so I don't feel like spend the time energy (and money) to go get tested and whatnot to get them and then get used to putting them in and taking them out if I'm not going to use them.
  • sheer and utter complete laziness the same reason i dont have glasses they broke in 2004 and i cant be bothered to get new ones, for now ill just move my head closer to compensatete, it works for me!
  • Some people cannot wear Contact Lenses, for various reasons, i have both Glasses and Contacts but very rarely wear my contacts are they irrate my eyes and they become very very dry even although i use the lil bottles of mini solution. I also have astigmatism they cater for all strengths required, many people dont know this but you can also get contact lenses which a bifocals but they are way too exoensive to purchase though you would have to speak to your optician if this is required they then have to order them in which takes time also.
  • I'm always getting eye lashes in my eye. I couldn't possibly rub my eyes if I was wearing contacts, could I? Anyway it seems like too much hassle.
  • I only need glasses to read occasionally so I see no reason to go to something so high maintenance and costly like contacts. And I don't mind the way people look in glasses and like the option to put on, take off.
  • I just couldn't bring myself to put anything in my eye.
  • I have astigamatism and bifocals for reading in addition to the correction for distance vision. Although I have heard they now can put bifocals into contacts, the cost, inconvinence and maintenance issues do not sound reasonable for a person who is used to glasses and has worn them for 56 years. At my age, the glasses help to hide my wrinkles.
  • I have contacts, and I really love them... but I have chronic dry eye. I used to be able to handle wearing my extended wear (10-day for normal people) contacts for a full day, and take them out at night. Then I saw an ophthalmologist to be treated for my dry eye. He prescribed a suspension called Restasis. Made the problem WORSE. Now I can't handle having the contacts in for more than four hours or so. I wear them for special occasions, and times when glasses are inappropriate (when in garb at Renn faire and such).
  • i tried before and it takes me alomst an hour to get them both in and going to work early, i was to lazy to get up earlier, ill probably be the same now. i do want lenses tho
  • They are bad for your eyes if you wear them for too many hours during the day. They always fall out when I'm swimming. I get more infections in my eyes than when I don't wear them. Sometimes if you get dust in your eye it can be so irritating, you have to remove the lens immediately and it's not always convenient to do so.
  • I've had glasses for about 4 years now... a few months ago I began to get really sick of the whole glasses thing. I liked how they looked and everything but they were just starting to get to me... so when I was at my eye doctor I asked about it and they said sure come in next week for a fitting... came in next week and they used the special machine to check out my eyes and lo-and-behold... they don't make soft contacts for the shape of my eye. It's like extra rounded but then the front is like flat... or something really weird and rare like that... No big deal... just one more eye problem to add to my really thick folder...

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