• yes,and?
  • Oh, you're a funny one! Actually, we all really ARE related. Human civilization has it's roots out of Africa. Mitochondrial DNA, which comes only from the mother and is found in every child, shows proof of this. That means that the only differences we find in each other have to do with what became genetically programmed into us according to where we lived on planet Earth to help us survive there. For example, people with light eyes come from snowy-er, colder regions. The eyes became lighter to help us see better in the harsh sunlight bouncing off white snow everywhere. People with dark skin come from places along and on either side of the equator. The darkness of the skin is for protecting the wearer of the skin:). You may be able to find that study on either The Learning Channel Website or The Discovery Channel website. It was truly a fascinating study. We really ARE more alike than we know!
  • i think so

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