• tell them to teach it to their own children and let mine alone
  • I don't want another adult scolding my child period.........unless I gave consent.
  • Remind them that this is a playground, not a church.
  • Throw a bible at their head, and tell them preach elsewhere.
  • Ask what it is they did, and tell them they have no RIGHT to tell my child to do anything. If they have a problem, they come to ME, tell me, and if I feel it's necessary, I will scold my child. This is, of course, unless that person is watching my child FOR me. Even then, though, they should not tell my child they will go to hell for something done on a playground, unless it's murder... Even then... :-/
  • Id raise all kinds of HELL!
  • Honestly, i would most likely lose it. you dont scold a child that isnt your own, ESPECIALLY if its about a touchy subject like religion.
  • I would be polite and not say one word and walk away. Then I would tell my child ( if they're old enough to understand ) that there are all kinds of people and just because it was their opinion what he did was wrong, doesn't mean it's true.
  • In the case of not following the Bible, I'd tell the parent to go to Hell & that the Bible was full of garbage
  • I'd do exactly what Babycakes said, except I wouldn't walk away first. I would tell my child within earshot of the Bible-thumper that it was that other parents opinion, and not necessarily true. I'm very passive-aggressive that way.
  • What is this kid doing anyway? Coveting thy neighbors toys? Lying? Stealing? Murdering? I would get my child away from the weirdo.
  • Mumble something along the lines of "Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? there is more hope of a fool than of him." Then do everything in my power to not destroy him/her for having the gall to chastise my child on the playground.
  • tell the parent they need to get lost and mind their own business

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