• I believe that God does exist, if morals come from "evolution" then we are on a fast track to doom by the looks of it, and religion isn't bad because people are entitled to believe what they think, how is free will bad? Sounds a little close-minded to me, I don't think I would read it.
  • I am semi-religious... I would definately read this book just to get insight on this guys thoughts. Sounds like a great book.
  • I am "religious", I haven't read it. Not because I refuse to, but because I haven't got the money to go spending on books that cover the same sort of bagging I have heard for years in various forms.
  • i would read it ....if i ever get into liking to read
  • Personally, I wouldn't read it
  • I am an atheist, and I basically agree with most of what Dawkins says. But it is still a rude and ranting book which us unnecessarily unpleasant to people who, right or wrong, are sincere in their beliefs.
  • No one should be afraid to question their assumptions.
  • How can appreciation of creation be bad? Certainly we came from somewhere. Even if it from this planet. We could just be a product of the planet. Given the size of this planet and the life that is on it could be that the planet created us from its inner being.
  • I have read other writings of Dawkins and don't think this one will persuade me more than the others. I don't mind being challenged, though.
  • I for one am religious. I have not read the book. Why? because I have not found it when I have been out looking for something to read. I am not into any belief bashing another's belief in order to make their seem more superior. (I hope this book you suggest is not like that). I am a firm believer that no one should be hated for what they believe in. As for who or what they personally believe in harms no one. I firmly believe everyone has the right to believe how they want to, without pressure to abandon your beliefs. I respect everyone no matter what they believe and hope they give me the same respect in return.
  • check amazon for comments .. this book is garbage ... other atheists went as far as shaming him for a book that is full of rants and despise for religion and religious people
  • I believe in, and am committed to, the God of the Bible, but sure, I would read it. It's good exercise to be challenged and would strengthen my faith, just as every other athiest and evolutionary tome I've ever read has done. I am not afraid of such things, I'm sure I've heard it all before, anyway. However, the idea that morals come from evolution is just... laughable.
  • GI got no time to read about Dawkins. Good for you & Dawkins. I still a Christian, and you continue with your Atheism religion. My 2 cents.
  • I have read the 'God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins and it is brilliant, like the man himself, although I found the chapter on memes a little difficult to understand. I think it is very important to read about religion from different perspectives and then choose one's own path. He makes it acceptable not to believe if one does not wish to do so. It does not say that religion is bad per se but rather that putting all of our eggs in one basket can be, amongst other things, a tool of discrimination and, an obstacle to progress, particularly in the realm of science. He does not say that God does not exist but rather that we have been conditioned from childhood to believe that he exists even though there is no proof. One should be able to read a book like this without fear and draw one's own conclusions. I would also recommend Karen Armstrong's books, in particular 'The Spiral Staircase' as a starting point. Karen Armstrong is an ex-nun and her struggle to understand faith and religion is highly informative.

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