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  • I dont want to go to jail though.
  • Simple answer - wait until she's 18. If you've known her this long already, it should be easy for you. Not getting laid for two years isn't the end of the world. I promise.
  • I think, you are playing with fire, for a couple reasons, one she is to young, it is illegal. Two, your friend, I dont think, is going to like it at all, especially, when he is behind bars and cant do anything right now, unless he calls his buddy's. I would not do that to my friend. You can wait two years, until she is legal, also speak to your friend, and let him know you are interested in his sister. Dont ruin a friendship, over a girl, that you "just" like.
  • There's only 3 yrs age difference between you.. it isn't illegal to have a relationship with a girl of 16, just take your time and dont hurt her or you'll have her brother to answer to when he gets out.
  • I think if it's ment to be it's ment to be BUT wait till she is 18
  • Dude forget what these people say . do what you wana do. Do what makes you happy.
  • When i was 16 i dated a 19 year old. Things get blown out of proportion all the time. When an older guy wants to date a girl below the age of 18 its always down to...if you have sex she can file for statutory rape. But you know what if you treat her right and you act responsibly then there is no reason why you couldnt persue a relationship. But as you said you dont want to go to jail, then simple...wait till she's 18 before you engage in anything that you think will send you to jail if you did it now. The guy i dated was amazing and patient. We dated for 2 years and everytime when we did have a break is basically my decision to. He never pressured me into anything. If you think you can be a guy like that and you like her for her... and not because you want to boink her... then....i guess the answer is go for it
  • You won't go to jail for dating, but you can if you have sex with her. But if she's your good friend's younger sister (of at least 6 years), I don't know if I'd go there. That could ruin your friendship.
  • Age is just a number, so go for it.
  • 16 and 19 isn't that bad. I'm 15 and want to date a 19 year old. My twin sister almost dated a 23 year old, until my parents found out his real age. I really don't think age matters that much, wish I could get that through the head of his parents.
  • Its illegal to have sex with someone whos under 18 and you are over 18, even if say the girl is 17 and 11 months and you are 18 and 2 months-its still illegal, even if she loves you and wants it just as much as you love her and just as bad as you want it to-you would be the one to go to jail-I dont really get it though! I think if a girl of even 12 has sex with a guy who is 20, and someone finds out about it and goes to the authorities then he goes to jail. Even though they BOTH chose to do it! It is only 3 years difference here and if you really like her, I say the only person that you should get permission from is her brother. Just be careful!!! Whats meant to be will happen! Good luck!!!
  • I wouldnt want to lose a friend over a girl/guy. she is flattered ofcourse by your attention as she is an impressional GIRL not woman. it would be very disloyal of you to pursue her, not to mention illegal. you only feel as you do because she is out of bounds, your best friends sister and when we cant have what we want it can turn to infatuation, which is what you are feeling right now. Your friend is in prison, you've no need to be going to his house seeing his baby sister, set your sights on a girl closer to your own age and not related to friends of yours. The quicker you get over this the better as if the poor girl suspects you have feelings for her she will be heartbroken.
  • I think it sucks for you, but you should wait till she's 18, because I believe you're making excuses for her, in order for you to be with her, but you know what? Regardless the excuse, it's still illegal. Good luck. Do the right thing.
  • It's only 3 years, no big deal there, she's your friends sister, could be an issue. She's a minor and you are not. That could put you in jail.
  • Do what you both want to do. I remember when being gay was illegal- and it has been right up til recently- but it doesnt make it morally wrong.
  • You can wait until she is old enough. It will be worth it. Even though she acts older, deep down she is still 16 and needs to wait. Ask if you can have her picture and take it home. Tell her sweet things. That should be enough for her.
  • just go for it just cause she is a little young doesnt mean she couldnt be the one for you just dont have sex with her or u could get in some seriose trouble
  • i would say go for it. just talk to the brother though. let him know what your feelings are. i am an older brother and i would like it much better if one of my friends came and talked to me about it. Not asking for permission, but letting a friend know about it, so he doesnt hear it second or third hand. and dont have sex. then your fine.
  • I would say that's a felony
  • You're playing with fire there my friend, you know the rules, you dont date a friends sister without permission.... & I think he's got more pressing things to occupy him right now.
  • I think that you live in one of our Southern states.

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