• Yes, no form of birth control is 100% effective. There is always room for error. The pill is around 99% effective so it is unlikely when used properly but condoms are only 80% effective. It all depends on what you are using and if you are using it correctly. Short of having a hysterectomy there will always be a small chance.
  • Yes, it is possible to get pregnant on birth control. I have a friend who's son was conceived while she was on Depo Provera. The other thing to remember is that hormonal birth control is NOT effective the day you begin it. Your doctor should advise you on when it is effective, but for Depo I was advised to continue condom use for at least another 2 weeks. I believe pills are longer. You are especially vulnerable to pregnancy if you miss or skip a pill (even if you follow the advice to double up the next day), so back your pills up with a condom or other method for that month (you either ovulate or don't, so you are vulnerable for that entire menstral cycle). ALWAYS remember that hormonal birth control does NOT protect you against STDs. Safe sex is better.
  • Depending on when in your cycle you begin the pill pack, a week or two is usually the recommended waiting period. The pill is designed to prevent both ovulation and implantation. The idea is that even if an egg was released, continuing to take the pills would prevent the pregnancy from implanting since the pills would prevent the uterine lining from building up. I'd wait two weeks.
  • Very possible. Both my neice and nephew were born with my sister on birth control. She was on the pill first and then a different method with the second. If you think you are you should get a pregnancy test doesn't hurt to take them.
  • Yes, there have been many cases of women getting pregnant despite being on the pill.
  • yes, sickness and other medications can effect the effectiveness of the pill. there is never any guarantee.
  • Yes, the only form of birth control that is 100% effective is abstinence. With all other methods there IS a chance, however small, of getting pregnant.
  • Hello, You most defently can get pregnant while on birth control. I took my birthcontrol pills (ortho tricyclin low) very faithfully and still got pregnant. i had the alarm set on my phone to go off at 10pm every night and i took it as soon as it went off. So no matter how faithfull you are in taking it there is still a chance you will gte pregnant. I was told to wait a month before it would be compleatly effective. My doctor told me that my birthcontrol was only 98% effective. You would be suprised at the 2% that still get pregnant.
  • Yes. So use several methods at once.
  • Yes,it's possible but so unlikely.
  • It sure is - it happened to me.
  • Yes, as a matter of fact, my daughter has 2 year old twins because her birth control failed her.
  • I got pregnant with my first son when i was on depo. So yes it is very possible!!! Something the Dr's usually fail to tell you is that some peoples body is ammune to certain types of birth control.
  • Absolutely. My sister got pregnant while she was on the IUD and now I think I am,and I'm also on the IUD.
  • Yes it is possible. You should go get a pregnancy test or go to the doctors and have one done there. The sooner you find out the better.
  • Ask my 14month old daughter? I was on Ortho lo when I conveived her. That is why it's not considered 100% accurate. Now we use lots of back ups;)
  • Yep. It happened to me twice.

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