• Some do, but the movies you are talking about are low funded with not-so-great casting directors.
  • budgeting
  • Even in sitcoms and series and high-dollar Hollywood films the families hardly ever match up. They just hire actresses and actors that bring in money. They don't consider that the lineage makes no sense logically.... it bugs me.
  • I've seen some where they are pretty close, but for the most part it all depends on who can act the most like the person. I mean, you wouldn't cast an Asian as a child of Julia Roberts and George Clooney, yet at the same time you wouldn't want to pick one of Julia's kids for the role just because they look like her even though they can't act the part. It's hard for kids to be good actors.
  • You're also supposed to believe that Godzilla attacked Japan and a gigantic gorilla once roamed New York...c'mon, it's just a movie!
  • 9-27-2017 Well, the first requirement is they have to be able to act. Second they have to be available. That pretty well narrows the field to one person. Opera is even more so: You get a fat forty-plus woman playing the part of a 15 yo girl. Because it's hard to find a 15 yo girl who can sing opera.

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