• can you see over the steering wheel and how much do you drink before breakfast
  • I would assume some questions would include your history and past involving children.
  • Have you ever been commended for your punctuality and/or attendance at previous jobs? How in the past have you dealt with unruly people in previous jobs? What was the reaction to your choices by your management? Why are you interested in this job? This company? What are some challenges you have faced at work, and how have you overcome them? These are some of the questions I would ask as a hiring manager. Best of luck!
  • I would think that, Are you a registered sex offender...have you ever been convicted of a felony...Are you on medication for a mental disorder...Do you drink alcohol/use drugs...would be among them.
  • What I's be asking da bus driver is dos you know hows to drive a bus o not.
  • The questions could be like: About your previous driving record. Can i ask your previous employer? about any bad situations in the past? Here is a post about Interview questions for drivers
  • Do you have a valid drivers licience ? Can you reach the pedals? Can you see clearly past 35 feet? How patient are you with angry passengers/kids? Do you chew tobacco, and if you do ... do you swallow or spit ? How many times have you ever been arrested for DUI & other traffic violations? How often do you have to urinate ? Do you have a heart condition or diabetes, and is there any history of other medical and/or psychological conditions in your family? Do you use any other drugs besides pot, cocaine and LSD ? And of course ... How much do you drink before breakfast ?
  • not sure,ive never tried to be one

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