• I haven't seen I Am Legend yet, but I've watched all 3 Resident Evil movies and I have to say even I would rather watch Milla Jovovich killing zombies than Will Smith.
  • they are both decent action scifi movies that you won't leave shaking your head in disgust at (hopefully) res 1 and 2 were both maybe a tie to I AM LEGEND, but its REALLY close. i felt 3 was a total sequal, it was watchable but i have very little desire to see it again. ( i am legeng did way better than res 3 in theatres, and i mean by alot) res 3 should have been WAY better, but it was ok. i am legend was made really well, id say maybe about a tie between res 1 and 2 and I AM....but 3 wasnt as good as I AM...will is a better actor, you care about what is happeneing more, but milla of course is hot and sexy, and also pretty decent (again 1 and 2 were better for her acting, if i remember right.) differences is res evil is total zombie movie, I AM is more human mutation, kinda different from plain old zombies, and really intense and exciting. (see them both, make your own judjement, i would say. they are both worth $4.00 to rent...) lol..and i see from the other reports, not everyone agrees with me (which is totally fine, i could see why, and they havent seen them both anyways, which would tend to lean theier judjement), and actually staright across, i WOULD rather see milla kill zombies than will, but will is definitely a better actor,(he doesn't kill them as much as try and survive them....he does some, it is hardcore to watch him, and i would say more beilevable...... as im sure youll all notice when you do actually see I AM LEGEND.....) i think its hard to give a fair opinion when youve tried one thing and not the other, and would have to say see them both and get back to me, will was pretty damn good, as was the movie (ending maybe was just ok, but still..)

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