• I used an eyedropper and let a droplet form on the tip and the let the kitten lick it off. I find eye droppers give more control. Don't force it into the kittens mouth just hold it gently to the outside of the mouth. Good luck.
  • A bottle might work. My Mom just tried to save a little one and even with all here experience(she was a vet assistant) It didn't make it. Do you know you have to help it poop? That may be another reason it won't eat if it's backed up. A momma cat in real life will lick the bottom of it's baby to stimulate them so they don't know how to do it theirselves. Take a warm wet cloth and wipe the kittys bottom gently for a while and see if that helps. Good luck, they are hard to save at this young of age. You might call a local vet for some tips. Did you get kitty milk? You can get it from pet stores or the vet too.
  • Phone cat or dog club to see if they have a nursing mother that can adopt them for you.
  • I fed a baby rabbit with a eye dropper for about a week every three or four hours. I figure if it worked for a rabbit, then why not try it with a cat.
  • If you ring the vets or animal shelter they will give you advise and what to use to feed the kitten...good luck and let us know how you get on.
  • i would talk to a vet about it

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