• In my opinion, yes. Cook is more versatile and I think he has more staying power. I wonder what would happen to Archuleta once his boyish looks fade. But don't get me wrong, both of them are good singers. It's a competition, someone should win.
  • Both have good voices, but David Cook is much more versatile and talented, and has a wider range of appeal. So, my opinion, the right David won!
  • Yes, both Davids were good, but David A was more of a musical singer and I don't believe he will sell as many records. David Cook is what is hot right now and will have no problems following in Daughtrys footsteps.
  • I think so. They knew that they screwed up when Chris Daughtry didn't win because he is a "rocker". David A has a great voice but he is very young & still needs to work on his stage performance. I had to look up who won last night, this morning because I Tivo'ed the show cuz I can't stand watching 2 hrs of BS performances & time fillers. Wel when I went to watch it last night, the recording ended as soon as Ryan had the envelope & said the winner is....& that was it. My hubby & I were dying! I dont think he even knows who won yet. I'm glad that David C won tho. He is a great performer & can make ANY song sound great.
  • Absolutely! Especially when you look at the whole package. I already bought all of David Cook's tracks on iTunes, and I'll buy his CD when it comes out. I bought a few of David Archuleta's tracks, but saw no reason to get them all because there simply was not enough variety there. That is what will hold him back in his career. The right David won and I couldn't be happier for him!
  • Yes, I think that they got it right.
  • I think David A. made a few crucial mistakes in judgement. I am not a follower of AI, but he allows his father to manipulate him and also, I think he made some untrue statements that were found out. Mr. Cook looked so humble last night. It's about time the humble get exaulted.
  • Yes. I do think that David A is talented though. He needs to cut that apron string with his father and find his own voice. I don't think it will be through main stream music though. He is more of a broadway singer, IMO.
  • DA is better, hands down but his age was what set him back. He's an immature performer and Cook is a more polisher performer and entertainer. As far as vocal technique and quality DA is far above DC.
  • Yes, even though I never cared too much for David A. singing , he seems to be a nice kid.
  • I believe so. David Archuleta has a good voice but he is one dimentional. David Cook can record an album tomorrow and it will be a hit. Maybe as big as Daughtry's debut album.
  • Shouldn't, as a matter of policy, the winner be taken out and shot immediately?
  • America got it right. David Cook is way better - the way he sings and his personality.
  • Yes, I definitely think the right David won. I actually think he was totally surprised that he won. They were both good performers but I think David Cook has the "total package". But there is no doubt that David A. will have a great career also.
  • I think so too. Like I said in another answer, Archuletta looks like a homo perv and sounds like a dying calf in a hail storm. Not to mention the fact that he's a pushover.

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