• Yes if you can take it to the manager & prove it was that price by showing the sticker or something before it was removed they have to sell it to you at that price. Its the stores fault not the consumers but only if its that stores stickers bringing another sticker in that don't have their codes don't quilify them to sell it to u at that price,lol.(i've seen people try that)
  • A store with good customer service always gives it to the customer at the incorrect price.
  • From what I understand, they cannot sell it to you for anything higher than what it's marked as, but they can refuse to sell it to you at all.
  • It is up to their policy. I would think that if the price wasn't way out of whack that they'd sell it to you at that price and then correct it. The store can refuse to sell you an item for a ridiculously low price. Mistakes happen.
  • I've found items mis-labeled many times. The store manager has always sold it to me at the price that was on the sticker. Then they quickly re-label all of the other mis-labeled items.
  • Generally, the answer is yes. This is simple contract law. A contract is formed when an offer is made and someone accepts that offer. Here the question is whether a price tag is an offer to sell at that price. The general answer is that it is not. Most jurisdictions say the offer is made by the customer when they bring the product to the clerk and request to purchase it. The store than has the right to accept or reject the offer.

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