• Otakus who expected you to know everything they know and look down on you when you don't.
  • Like said before, perfectionist otakus are dang annoying, especially since they are so popular with mainstream animes and mangas. However, that is why there should be people to smooth over such situations, and try to explain it and be a little more civil about it.
  • I really hate those ppl call themselves otaku when they only watch those anime (e.g. Bleach, Naruto, YuGiOh) that brought to them by the TV station in US or Canada.
  • I hate Otakus who keep obsessing over the "original" Japanese subs and stuff, and talk about emotion and everything...It pisses me off. And dude, an otaku is an anime fan right? You shouldn't hate otakus who have only seen localized anime(North America,etc)...atleast they do watch anime. Give them a few hints towards subs...don't attack them, they aren't any more or less Otaku than the average Otaku. In Japan, Otaku is a derogatory term.
  • People who refer to themselves as otaku intentionally (as it REALLY isn't a nice word). Also, people who think watching anime for a few years makes them fluent in Japanese. I watch anime, yes, but I also study my butt off to know as much Japanese as I know- and I'm NOT fluent. These people throw around Japanese terms, usually in the wrong context, and expect everyone to think they're a) bilingual and b) cool, when neither is true. They also get pissed when corrected. I just hate knowing that people are disseminating scraps of barely-true information as gospel to people who don't know any better.

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