• Yeah it would be. But just ignore the trolls,they aren't worth anyone's time.
  • trolls. i dont like them they always down rate me with out reason. kinda pisses me off sometimes.
  • Yea, trolls are a menace that like to hide behind the mask of anonymity. If you don't agree with me...just say so, I'm not going to be mad over someone that has their own opinions.
  • Where did they DR my sweet annieOlga? I will take care of that:)
  • without a doubt, difference of opinion is a part of life and enables us to open our minds to different ideas. on the otherhand, i (like you) prefer some kind of feedback instead of annonymous dr-ing.
  • I don't think anyone likes trolls, but they will probably always be here. Annoying as they are, the best thing to do is ignore them...take away the one thing they crave..attention. If they know that they are pushing your buttons, they will keep at it. If you ignore them, they will soon tire of you and move on to someone else. They may pop back once in a while, but it's no fun for them when someone does not rise to their bait.
  • Im not a troll, but I just wanted to say that it would be very boring if everyone agreed! What would be the point in getting excited to be able to finally get on the computer for the entire day?!? It just makes this site so addictive!
  • I don't mind someone disagreeing with me, but the troll should leave a comment, so I would know why they do not like my answer!! I answered a question "What is the last thing you do before you go to bed"? My answer, "Pray" -4 Very smart Mrs/Mr. Troll!! Very Good Question..Have a Great Night!!
  • Can the moderators see who is being a troll?
  • I usually don't leave a comment if it is my own question, which isn't trolling. Should trolls who DR questions leave an answer? I'm curious your opinion.
  • There are many posts relating to this topic, but here's the reason why they don't make it mandatory to post. But I hate when people downgrade opinions or correct answers.

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