• It's probably hard for you to walk away because you don't want to.
  • well 1)you don't want to walk away 2)you're afraid you're walking away from something great and that you won't find again 3)you're afraid of what it'll be like without it 4)it's a comfort
  • Human mind is fragile. It hesitates when the intellect advises. Allow the intellect to take charge. Then walking away will be easy.
  • Your in a comfort zone, even though you know it is wrong, you are comfortable.
  • Because what you should do isn't always what you want to do!!
  • your heart and mind are two different things. The heart will always want that one person, but your brain knows that he/she is no longer good for you, so even though you still love and care for that person, it is best that you walk away, for yourself, you should always but yourself and emotional well being before anyone
  • I think you have a hard time walking away because you have a HUGE heart. You care about peole. I am glad you are out here, I miss you when you are not!
  • a split second yes or make that a few minutes then eventually I had to be realistic then walk away
  • Do you want to walk away?
  • Cause breaking up is hard to do
  • I have no idea. Sometimes its more painful to hold on to something then it is to just walk away. There are certain things I wish I could walk away from at the moment. I know I would be much better off and the pain would heal eventually. The more I hold on the more it hurts. The more I want answers to my questions etc....
  • Perhaps we still feel we can change the person or outcome of the situation.
  • I think this question can just as often be reversed and you find yourself asking: "Why did I walk away instead of going for it" The answer is that we will always second guess ourselves, but if you can develop a solid belief and value system and truly gain knowledge of who you are in your own eyes, then I think that you will find yourself asking these questions far less often.
  • Sometimes your just scared of being on your own i think..even though the alternative is bad :O)
  • Because you're unsure you should walk away...if you were sure you would run away!
  • Old habits die hard.
  • Fear of being alone, you think you are in love, lots of reasons.
  • Your legs are broken?
  • Because it's human nature for it to be hard to do, if it was really that easy everyone would do it. People have emotions and it's something that's abnormal and thats ok. That wouldn't be something I'd be happy about doing either.
  • It's really hard to break old habits.
  • Because some things are not easy to leave, when they have been engrained in your life as such a huge part of it.
  • Feelings and thoughts are two different things. If you're an emotional sort of person you will let your feelings win - or at least struggle to. If you're more logical and rational you will assess the situation and know if it's bad for you emotionally and make a decision more easily. It's possible to train your mind to be more rational but it takes time and maybe even therapy for you to become fully aware and able to choose. Just try asking logical questions of yourself about this relationship then give two answers (logical and emotional) to each question - you may surprise yourself!
  • Gas is down - its easier to drive!
  • Because we are afraid of what there is on the outside of the place/relationship to which we have become accustomed

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