• The twin towers collapsed as a strange sequence for the terrorists. Ordinarily they do not fall straight down like that. It happened just because the planes hit at the spot over 25 percent from the top. The combined weight caused this action. The pentagon is a different story. They have scores of security cameras there at the pentagon. Not one of them shows us a picture of a jumbo jet coming in to crash. Why? Because there was no jumbo jet crashing. Where did it crash? Ask the NSA.
  • Right now I don't know what to say. I half believe it was terrorists, and my other half believes it's demolition. All I can say is what really happened on 9/11 might never be solved. All these clues on what really happened is confusing, too much if's and but's and maybe's.
  • I have yet to see any conspiracy theory that holds up under scrutiny. (The WTC 7 claims of demolition, for instance, generally only show pictures from the relatively undamaged side of the building, intentionally leaving the viewer with the false impression that the building was mostly undamaged.) Likewise, the criticisms of the "official" story are also pretty vacuous. (For what it's worth, my personal favorite conspiracy theory is this one: .) For more information on the debunking of the conspiracy theories, I would recommend both the Popular Mechanics response and the following answers from the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology): .
  • Think about it, two jet airliners crash into two reinforced steel skyscrapers, over half the way up the buildings. The World Trade Center was constructed with interlocking steel grids on all four sides, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY a jet airliner could have caused the office fires that burned in excess of 2000 degrees. Or the straight down collapse of even one tower, let alone two! Of course those buildings were brought down by demolition explosives! Look to see who has the opportunity, who has the ability, and the resources, and will benefit from it. So far, since 9/11 our Predident has a free pass to do or say pretty much whatever he wants, in the name of Homeland Security. Bomb sniffing dogs were pulled from duty at the World Trade Center, by a relative of who: our President. Only 14 fighter jets to protect the entire U.S. on 9/11, because the rest are diverted to other places, supposed training missions. The Mayor of San Francisco gets a phone call telling him not to fly on 9/11, which was traced back to Condoleeza Rice. Not to mention billions of dollars worth of gold boulion missing from the vault in the WTC basement. Or the recovered hard drives from the WTC showing hundreds of millions of dollars being embezzled on the morning of 9/11. the list goes on and on. Research it for yourself!
  • It's far more complicated. I don't understand why the planes got as far as they did and were not challengedby jets. I understand the plot that the terrorists had and that the Whitehouse was briefed about them, and I can almost buy incompetence for them not following up on the warning. Tower 7 was demolished by explosives and was not hit by planes. That was done by the property manager. We will never know I guess. I am also alarmed by President Obama's reluctance to investigate the Bush administratyion. His let bygones be bygones attitude is a puzzlement.
  • steel may not melt at 1000 degrees which is the temperature jet fuel burns at, but it sure weakens it
  • It is absurd to think the towers were brought down by demolition.
  • The self same government who couldn't get their shit together in invading Iraq competently?
  • If I give my real opinion I will be a target for investigation. So I don't beleive there is freedom anymore. It was something arranged by highly influential people.
  • Jetliners, particularly the size of a 747, hold many thousands of gallons of jet fuel, and, at takeoff weight, can weigh nearly one million pounds. Just the weight of the aircraft striking a building would create havoc, not to mention the burning fuel. OTOH, a light aircraft such as a single engine Cessna would not likely damage a building like WTC. It would likely wind up in the street as a crumpled mess.
  • The best thing to do is call a fireman of NYFD the NYPD will lie, some firemen that where there that day will tell you about the facts certain types of people like to hide.
  • I haven't read all the evidence yet, but the statement made that the towers couldn't have fallen in such a way unless carefully placed explosives were used keeps sticking in my mind. They came down just like one of those Las Vegas implosions.
  • The idea that there was some complex far reaching conspiracy is..... well, laughable. I'm sorry to say that its just because people want there to be more to life, doesnt make it so!!
  • I just think that it is funny they found traces of... Nano Thermite. That shit just doesnt accidentely get places. So............................................
  • Barack Obama did it so he could become president, have sex in the White House and win a Nobel Peace Prize.
  • I certainly don't think the government told us everything. Unfortunately, while conspiracy theorists are usually good at identifying coverups, they're not too good at guessing what the covered-up story is. I do find it very odd that the planes struck 2 buildings but 3 went down. Actually I found it odd that the 2 towers themselves came down - it did look like a controlled demolition. There have been many planes which crashed into buildings worldwide, and this kind of damage never happened. Is it inconceivable that someone - possibly the terrorists - pre-planted explosives within the towers to make sure they came down?
  • These conspiracy theories are absolute crap. Why would the US Govt want to kill nearly 3000 of it's own people? Also, even if it did carry out the act, there would have been a leak by now. I believe the tried and tested FACT that it was a bunch of absolute arseholes doing it for fun (aka Al Qaeda).
  • There is no need for a complex conspiracy theory. What happened, very simply, is that the impact of the aircraft knocked loose the fireproofing material on the buildings' steel structure. The intense heat from the burning jet fuel caused the structural steel to weaken to the point that it could no longer support the buildings' weight. +4
  • One thing is for sure. There were some people int he plane with some islamic connections. But hard to believe the government can kill this many people, especially a key location to achieve something. We didn't achieve anything so far except killing Saddam, which could have been done through an undercover operation anyways.
  • black op government entity for sure! if you look at the physics there is no way a jet like that could've taken down those extensive structures, especially looking at the way they collapsed, they started caving in on themselves from the bottom, and isn't it odd that there was a mandatory meeting somewhere else for all the security and bomb squad officers that very same day?

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