• My favorite is when a woman asks guess how old I am or the "guess how much I weight" questions. I fill like I'm signing my death warrant if I answer them
  • Nahhh, I tend to humor this request. It only gets annoying if the person makes me guess more than 3 times.
  • Of course not..why should it? All it means is that someone is very excited about something and wants to share that with me..why should that annoy me? :)
  • No kidding. It's aweful! Guess how many times that's happened to me. Go ahead, guess!
  • Smart alec that I am, a question like that is perfect for inappropriate responses. Q: "Guess what I got for my birthday?" A: "You finally discovered who your father is?" Q: "Guess how much it will cost to paint my house?" A: "Oh...about $20. K-Mart is running a special."
  • Well..when some one asks a question like "Guess what I got for my birthday"..they are not really asking you to guess, but are expressing excitement. That is not annoying. But when someone actually wants you to guess something which could have a kazillion possibilities (Guess what my cat's name is)..yeah, kinda. Like I have nothing better to do. In a case like that I sometimes answer with the most off the wall, ridiculous, unrelated thing I can think of. When they say no, I shrug and change the subject.
  • Not really. I'm sure most (if not all) of the people who use that language just want you to say "What?" so they can tell you themselves.
  • im sorry im one of the people guilty of that. im so sorry and will try not to in the
  • I hate that game! I will guess just once and that's it!
  • my son does that. he's 13. and when i tell him i don't know he insists that i guess. yes, i do find it irritating.
  • Those "guess" questions are often trick questions. If you guess wrong; your answer often gets ignored or downrated.
  • Well, it depends on my mood. Like for instance if somebody would ask me to guess about the gift she got on her birthday and is so excited about it, I can't spoil her excitement.. i can ride on with it..but if i'm damn tired and she would insist me to guess what she got and I already gave a lot of guessing answers but still didn't hit it, well, i'd just say, 'let's talk on another day..i'm too stuck up to play guessing game with you' LOL..Sometimes, things can be annoying but sometimes these can be challenging and I'd be buying them just to enjoy.
  • No it doesn't annoy me, but then again, I am the type to fill out (and then shread and throw away of course.) the Scientology quizzes that you get in the mail just because I like that sort of thing. I have an inquisitive mind and love quessing things I could actually do it for 10 years and be happy trying to know the right answer. Direct that sort of personality to Quizilla... Maybe it will keep them occupied and away from you?
  • Yes, it does annoy the hell out of me when they are serious about it. If they ask and then tell you then it's okay. My husband honestly wants me to guess when he says 'guess what?' and doesn't want to give away the answer until I guess it. I just ignore him when he does it.
  • Sometimes, when you say "what?" and they're like no, GUESS! It doesn't happen very often but I guess it is annoying.
  • No. I love it. I say the most absurd and ridiculous thing that comes to mind, just to see them frown and say, "umm...NO." as I stand there with a smile on my face...
  • I don't like those petty rhetorical questions, so yes. It's just a poor way of trying to bring up a topic of conversation. Now I'm fine with it if the person only does it once in a while in a not-annoying way. But if a person makes me sit and guess for longer than a few seconds (or a few minutes! lol) then it will annoy me. Thank god that's pretty rare.
  • No, I am a bull shitter so i come up with a bull shitter answer on the spot. "guess what i got for my birthday?" "well not a fucking clue thats for sure"
  • It's not so bad if they just want you to acknowledge they've got something to tell you. As a previous respondent wrote, "What?" is sufficient enough to encourage them to speak about whatever is exciting them. It becomes annoying if you make a genuine guess and they say, "No, guess again," so you do and on and on it goes.
  • no it is fun to guess but it gets anoying when they brag about it or consatly ask the same thing over and over again.
  • I answer with an outrageous answer...especially the "guess how old I am?" I smile sweetly & respond "you look really good for being over a hundred." They freak out & spew forth their real age!!!
  • Not at all. I just answer as humorously as possible with an ad lib. Example: "Guess what I got for my birthday?" Answer: "A rocket launcher? A rottweiler? A nuclear sub?"
  • No, I like guessing things that are ridiculous or outrageous.
  • I hate it when any of my family, friends tells me guess what Tell me already, i don't want to guess. Simply tell me.

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