• Probably much like a friend of mine did when he opened a bicycle shop. He started in his garage by doing repairs and offering parts for sale. Then as he got bigger he opened a small shop in an inexpensive building, and when the business picked up more and he saved up, he went to a bigger building. He says he did so well because he was close to a college. I think he did so well because he is good at what he does. Anyway, if you want it bad enough you will find a way. Good luck!!
  • Go to this website: What CafePress is to T-Shirts this place is for skateboards. You can make your designs, upload them to this website, and put them for sale on the web.
  • I was just wondering how much $$$$$ it would take to open one up? I have the facility to open one but no idea how much it would cost! Robert Burns Sidney, Ohio
  • Something like a laundromat!
  • Web based would probably be best. You may be able to have the products drop shipped as well. Have you applied for any business loans? I'm NOT recommending you take a loan out. I'm recommending you see whether or not you qualify for a loan. Ok,maybe I should have asked why you want the shop. What position did you want to fill? You may want to create boards (give birth to your babies) and hire a business mgr.
  • ask someone thats already done it

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