• They most certainly are. You just have to tailor your answer to be age appropreate.
  • No. For instance lets say a ten year old asks his mom if she is having sex with her new boyfriend. The answer is None of your business. Although I guess technically that is an honest answer.
  • Yes, unless they're just repeating a question they heard someone else ask.
  • depends. i would not go and tell my 10 year old kid how to have sex! it all depends, but yes
  • Probably good if they know the answer.
  • Yes! If they are asking it is for a good reason, and you need to educate them. The key is to keep it age appropriate. Knowledge is power, and if you don't tell them the honest truth you could confuse them, and later they might think you just flat out lied to them, or in most cases with kids that you are just stupid. Therefore they will not come to you anymore, that is the worst possible situation. You want your kids to be open with you so you need to be open to them....You can't tell them not to lie, and then turn around and do it to them..:)
  • depends...maybe so. ;)
  • They deserve an "honest answer", but not necessarily a dissertation on the subject. Many parents are reluctant to answer a child's questions about sex and reproduction. They are usually just asking for a simple answer, which can be given without panicking. They are not really asking for "the long talk", yet. But any honest answer is better coming from a parent than some other kid.
  • Yes. In a way that is still appropriate to their age though.
  • Yes..with a caveat. You don't need to tell the child everything there is to know..but what you tell him/her should be truthful. You need to dole out information in an age-appropriate way...your answer to a 3 year old child would be different from that of a 6 year old don't want to frighten the child by giving him/her information beyond his/her ability to absorb or understand. Never lie to a child under any circumstances. :)
  • Better question is are they actually old enough to ask the question or is it just something they heard or saw? You have to be able to differentiate between and honest question and a curious question. And if you truly believe they are asking out of honesty and because they want the truth and not just because they are curious or think its "cool" then yes you give an honest answer but keep in mind that children may not be able to handle the truth as well as an adult who asks the same question therefore you must tailor the answer so that it is age appropriate. But with that being said I also believe some questions are better left unanswered and if you honestly believe your child shouldn't know the truth to the question he/she is asking then don't tell them the truth... my favourite line is "ask me when you are older" or "I will explain it to you when you are a little older for now you don't need to worry about that"
  • Just remember. Despite it all, the other kid just may have been the real all star of the team.
  • yes, but the answer must be tempered to fit the age.Adults have (or should have) the capacity to to answer a child question with factual information in a style and calm manner that allows the child to gain understanding with no undue trauma, prejudice or fear.
  • Nope. Some things they just don't need to know until they get older.
  • Sure they are old enough to know. But, they probably shouldn't. There is a subtle difference. For example are 12 year old girls often old enough to breed? Some are. Should they breed? Probably not.
  • Tough one, Jay. I will say honest but simplified depending on the child's age.

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