• Possibly. Many deodorants and anti-perpirants contain aluminium which has been linked with breast cancer- aluminium free deodorants are available- they tend to be slightly more expensive, and you have to spend an hour in the shop reading ingredients list, but are worth the extra peace of mind. Some anti-perspirants work by blocking the pores which cause sweat, which many people argue is unhealthy. Most commercial deodorants contain a cocktail of chemicals which many consider potentially harmful, including parabens, which are thought to increase possibility of foetal damage in pregnant women when used to excess. As an alternative you can consider: - don't bother, just make sure you wash daily and after excercise, keep to a sensible weight and shave your armpits and you'll find you may not really need one. At least not every day. -try a crystal deodorant such as those here: which rely less on the suspect ingredients.
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      I read a number of years ago how aluminum can trigger, not cause, Alzheimer. It article stated if there is blood line Alzheimer's in one's family there is an 87% chance of triggering Alzheimer in your body. This not only includes deodorants with aluminum but also cooking utensils and anything with aluminium. Aluminium does not cause Alzheimer but can trigger it if the potential is in your body system.
  • I make my own. I use 3 drops of Lavender Essential oil, 2 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil and 1 teaspoon of cold pressed Sweet Almond Oil, blend them together and rub the blend on my underarms. Works like any good deodorant, but no ill effects. No chemicals. No harmful substances!
  • I good product that is 100% is a deodorant stone. I have been using them for some time. You can see what they are by going to
  • As long as you can "keep down" the amount of bacteria that grows as perspiration "ages" (MUCH faster than wine by the way) then you're doing what any good deodorant does...MORE. Many deodorants just mask the odor of dead and dying sweat. Some anti-P's and deodorants cause me to break out. I'm also scared of the aluminum in them. I don't see how that can be good for the body over time.
  • A safe and good product to use as a deordant is Arbonne Herbal foot creme. Nothing in Arbonne's foot creme will harm you. More information, check out the website
  • Yes they are bad for you and to my knowledge the only alternative is to STINK!!!
  • No, there is no scientific proof of this. It's a myth that has been perpetuated by social media posts and emails: Other alternatives you can use in a pinch are cornstarch which will absorb moisture and coconut oil which is an antibacterial that will kill the germs that breed to cause the odor. Apple cider vinegar will also kill germs or you can just wash your armpits every couple hours with a wet wipe.
  • I stopped using both a few months ago......scared of the aluminum!!! I now use baking soda after my shower when my pits are completely dry......shake some into my palm and gently massage it in about 10-12 for me...and always apply at night not in the when your body is at rest.......!!!

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