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  • just let him get it, its his body and its not like hes shooting heroin
  • I am looking to answer that myself. So far, the best I have come up with is telling him how he could regret it later on and how one should always try to avoid permanent decisions in life, things that you cannot undo. If he cares about family and such, tell him how he is going to be a role model for his kids so even if he thinks that tatoos are wrong in the future he wont be able to prevent his kids from getting them and making the same mistake. Also, even though it may be unfair, society judge those who have tattos. Less and less people get them nowadays and you never know who will be in charge of promoting you or giving you a job and what their ideals are. Perhaps they truly think the worst of tattooed people. Even if it is unfair, why put yourself outthere?
  • I wouldn't suggest you say anything to persuade him one way or the other. It's his body, his life and his choice. It will help you and him, to feel a whole lot happier, if you can try to respect that :))
  • My boyfriend has a tattoo and is looking to get another one. It's his body really so he can do whatever. If you think he'd eventually come to hate it you could throw in an approximate figure as to how much it would cost him to get it removed. Money makes some people think twice about things.
  • he probably isn't even your boyfriend any longer at this point.... who cares what he does, it's his body.
  • Withhold sex? Ultimately it's his body and his call. Hopefully there's more to him than just a tattoo?
  • Tell that he can only get one with a big heart that says "I love Bubba" that ought to do the trick!
  • Sound excited about it. Say - "I'm sure your girlfriend will love it". He'll be like "what"? Then you can say, unless it's something like "property of (whatever your name is)" tattooed right above his member, you're sure his NEW girlfriend will love it. You'll find out what his real feelings about you are. If he doesn't get one, you'll get your way and no harm done. If he leaves you, you'll know he wasn't "the one" and didn't waste anymore time in a persuit that wouldn't go anywhere anyways. It's all about the bigger picture, not momentary feelings anyway.
  • Obviously you don't like man with tattoos. You probably told him that and that should be enough.
  • im 44, and i think mine are cool still as do my 3 kids, might even get another lol
  • Its his body. He's going to do what he wants with it. The best advice I can give to people that are planning on getting tattoos (and advice I followed when getting my two) is get it somewhere that can be hidden with clothes if need be. That way it isn't always showing for every situation (like a job interview) and if it does get ugly the older he gets at least its somewhere he can cover it.
  • Dont say anything...its his business not yours. Why do you think you know better? he has lived with his skin for the whole of his life, you get to touch it a lot, there is a difference. Whichever way you dress this up you are trying to exert influence over him to get him to do what you think he should do. You are his partner not his parent. It is not your decision to make. We spend enough of our lives sacrificing our youth in preparation for old age, if he wants to get a tattoo while his body is beautiful, why shouldnt he? You are not in his life to approve or disapprove or to sit in judgement of his decisons. Leave the man alone, or support him in what he wants.
  • Tell him it would be a major turn off - that's what I'm having to do coz my pig headed boyfriend wants me to look good for him all the time but doesn't give a damn about how he looks to me. I'm hoping the concept of not pleasing me in the sack anymore might frighten him out of it.
  • Not much though you could tell him it would look terrible. After all there really is no other reason to get them other than they are considered "cool". And I don't know about that being 50 and balding - seems to me most people who have them as they age are OK with them. Which I think is too bad. I don't like them either but they are the current fashion.
  • Let him do what he wants with his body, tattoos can hold alot of importance to someone and tattoos can look pretty bad ass when your old so leave him alone and let him do what he wants because your not the boss of him
  • not much you can do about it, i would let him have the tattoo if you want to keep your boyfriend

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