• Mario Party!!! Oh its so fun, its like a board game with a lot of easy to learn mini games. I used to play it way back when on Nintendo 64 and I think the new one is MP 8. They have done wonders with it.
  • Most likely wii sports right now its easy and fun. but wii fit when it comes out it will be the most active.
  • Wii sports is probably the winner but don't forget about Wii play
  • There's the new mario kart on the wii, which doesn't seem active, but when my family and I play we really get into it.
  • it'd have to be mario kart, Mario party and super smash brothers its always these 3 games for me XD
  • I would go with either Mario Party or BoomBlox
  • super smash bros brawl mario kart and mario party 8 is great for lots of players (brawl is up to 32!!) Guitar Hero world tour as well is 4/5 players but you will need all the equiptment most active is Sonic and mario olyimpic games wii sports and will fit wii fit is more personal i think tho

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