• I believe in order to take classes at a community college, you would need your high school diploma or equivalency...I'm pretty sure you can't just skip that part.
  • You need a GED for college admission, whether it be a community college or other.
  • If this person went to a community college then a university you could. I would be surprised if no one noticed that they didn't finish school.
  • No, it isnt possible, you need at the very least a GED.
  • You could matriculate a quick GED and that counts as a High School diploma. So yes and no.
  • you need atleast a g.e.d !! && its rare but sometimes there are community colleges, thatl accept you without either.
  • Homeschoolers do it all the time. In the last year I've know of a 15 year old graduating college with a double major in Music and Music composition, a fifteen year old graduating with a degree in Math, a seventeen year old sophomore pre med, and a eighteen year old Rhodes scholar in my area alone. Most of them started college when they had exhausted their parents math skills, so they started college long before they were old enough to take a GED, but you do have to take it before you can graduate. Story Musgrave was a high school dropout, by the way, who took a GED in the Army and just kept going to several Phds.
  • I dropped out of high school...went into the Navy...came home from the Navy and two years later attended university with NO high school deploma or GED! I entered with what was known as "individual approval". This allowed me to go for one semester. If I had a C average I could remain. I do not know if the individual approval is still available today or not. In 1961 I was required to take SAT be over the age of 21 or have at least 6 months active military duty. When I was graduated I had been on the dean's list 4 times. OH and I became a teacher of all things! I dropped out of high school because I hated school! Doesn't life do some funny things sometime?
  • High School students can take classes in college but I don't know about High School drop outs.

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