• yes i got a misdomeaner for a minor in possesion of alcohol and never got arrested but had to go to court. you get indited and arrested for a big case and then court but not always for little things.
  • This is not the way the judicial system operates in Tennessee. You are first arrested, then a court date is set. Your question puts the cart before the horse. How could you ever set a court date, if the wanted person is on the run?
  • In the UK, certainly. The only need for arrest is to detain someone who might otherwise abscond. If the alleged criminal is co-operating fully with the police, there is no need for an arrest. But, if they think you dunnit, they will still server papers and set a provisional court date.
  • no its required by law when you are arrested to be read your rights. I dont know where you're getting your facts from but they are wrong.
  • Definition of an Arrest "You are under arrest if a law enforcement officer (or sometimes a private citizen) takes you into "custody." This means that you believe you are not free to walk away from the scene of the contact with the officer. Not every stop by a police officer means you are under arrest. If stopped only for a short time, then you may have been "detained," rather than legally arrested."

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