• I would like to say, not unless I had to but I can't say for sure until I am in the situation.
  • A lot of people, for some reason, get arrested and charged with murder for killing or seriously harming someone who broke into their home. I don't see the logic, but no I wouldn't, seeing as we have this weird justice system. I'm not sure WHAT I would do, I hope it never happens.
  • I will try to protect my belongings. If I end up killing him then so be it. Probably not the best way of going about it.
  • He can take anything he wants--I would not attempt to hurt him unless he tried to hurt me or my family. I sure would try to remember everything about him so he could later be caught and brought to justice. Sounds good--but who knows what I would do in the real situation.
  • If I felt that I or my family were in danger then I think I could but I wouldn't kill him just for breaking in.
  • G'day sadbuttrue, Thank you for your question. Only if he was directly threatening my life. However, I would generally try not to get into a fight over. I don't have anything worth losing my life for. Regards
  • My previous car was burglarized 3 or 4 times and my house has been burglarized 3 times. Sometimes I feel like my property is worth more than the life of somebody who breaks into my house to steal it. However, if I caught a burglar, if it turned out to be a young girl, then I'd probably just chase her away, and then call the police.
  • If he has a weapon, he's a dead man, if he's unarmed with an armful of loot, he's a seriously beaten man, I have no sympathy for thieves. EDIT: If he looks starving and just raided my fridge, I might let him off with a warning
  • We have guns at my house for protection. I like to think my training would kick in and I wouldn't pull the trigger unless I was in fear for my life or the life of a loved one. Having said that I really cannot say for sure that fear and nervousness would not cause me to kill someone that may have meant me no threat.
  • I would not do so for belongings are not worth killing someone over.I do not own a weapon and would never own one thus it would be impossible to kill them.I think that taking someones life if they are just burglars leads to everyone taking the law into their own hands,which could lead to anarchy.The police and justice system are the ones that are in charge of taking care of burglars.
  • I don't believe there is a place in society for this kind of person, yes i would kill a burglar. Maybe this is why there are so many people in our prisons. Too many people think this kind of behavior should be acceptable. Try thinking what it would be like if everyone was a burglar.
  • If I had the means, I probably would.
  • if someone was breaking into my house when i was home i would shoot them. how do i know if they are going to try and harm me or my family or just take my things. once they get into the house i have a right to shoot them
  • If I had a weapon, I would order him to the floor. then call the police. i wouldnt kill anyone. unless my life was in danger or my family. I dont even own a gun. and I dont want one.
  • I wouldn't kill anyone. Unless it was in self defense, I suppose. Actually, no. I can't think of how on earth *I* could kill a person anyway. And it'd be easier just to hit them over the head with something and call the police.
  • If he broke into my place, yup, and I wouldn't think twice.
  • No matter what he would steal it wouldn't be as important as his life. I would maybe use a gun (not that I own one, most Europeans don't) to scare him off in case he was agressive but I would not kill him.
  • No, I just need him to get out of my home. I don't need him dead. I will protect my family but that's it.
  • I would do everything in my power to put the guy in serious remission, I would make sure he was unable to move or react and if he died in the process then so be it. Like another person said you don`t know what his motives are or what he intends to do. He may not even be a burglar he may be a rapist or a serial killer, I would not take the time to find out.
  • Nah, wouldn't want to deny my Dobermans the pleasure.
  • You break into MY HOME??? Absolutely. You're dead with my sig sauer if I can get to you fast enough.
  • If I were in fear for my life or my wife's life, you betcha !! In a heartbeat !! I would use whatever amount of force was necessary to protect my family and my home .
  • I'd make every effort possible not to.

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