• It gives good head :-) er..I mean when you tip the can into a glass you get good head er.. yep, thats right :-)
  • its for the head, didn't you see the advert!! lol
  • It's so that you can have a brilliant time drinking your beer.
  • The widget contains a small amount of nitrogen to get the beer to foam up a bit. Guinness is not carbonated like most beers, it is actually nitrated. Nitrogen bubbles are of a different size and disperse differently. Because of this the widget also contains many tiny holes so the bubbles get broken up better. Stout faucets also have these and the widget is supposed to mimic that. Don't drink the Guinness strait out of the can and when you pour it, pour it strait down and keep it close to the surface of the beer. An Irish bartender taught me that and I always have great results.
    • scubaduba
      Yes! Nitrogen is the way cask ales are mimicked chemically.
  • Without the widget there would be no noise when you shake the empty can.

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