• no unless you caused him to did something bad like murder...
  • Not at all. So long as my son is happy then who he choses to see male or female is up to him. I would never interfere in his relationship.
  • I'd have to get to know you off AB, and I wouldn't know until then.
  • Should I?
  • It's slightly strange, me answering this. As I'm younger than you, but I will anyway. No, I wouldn't. And if your boyfriend's parents hate you...well. I'm guessing they have issues with him dating anyone.
  • As long as you don't make me hate you.
  • First of all. I would not hate you. I may tho dislike your lifestyle if it could or would, bring harm to my family. Back to the main question tho. It depends what the age really is. Meaning are you both adults or teens. Plus if you are teens. And being that one is still living under my roof. And I did not know of you or your family before hand. And lets say for some reason. You seem to be hiding something, that could or may harm those around you. Well my Friend. Do to the other person is still my responsibility. I may run a background check, just to be on the safe side. And if all goes well I would give you both my blessing. As long as you both obey the rules of my house.........Sounds bad but in todays world. It seems to be the safest way to go about it.......Better safe than sorry....P.S. A little adv: Try and spend a little time with your Friends Mother. You may just find out that she never hated you after all. Be nice & don't talk back. Only answer when she ask of something. You may find that the real problem could be within her. For if your a good person, with nothing to hide. You may even find that the bond between her & her child. Could be what she fears of letting go of. It could be anything & the only way you may find out. Is to take and spend time with each other. Build a strong bond between the two of you as FRIENDS. And then you will of built, a respect from her well earned..........Good Luck.......Take care my FRIEND....................M.C.S.
  • Don't touch his penis and I will love you forever SassyGirlAG! Muah!
  • No, I probably be jealous he had such a nice and sweet girl friend and I don't have one!!!;)
  • My first concern would be that you are both caring to each other and had a relationship in which respecting each other was a priority. If that was the case, I would LOVE you!
  • Never hate you, hon. I might look a little suspiciously at you, though. What does this gorgeous gal see in my nerd? (lol) I will admit, he may have qualities I was not aware of, but, he is still my little nerd...(smile)...and I don't want him hurt. If I don't like you much, or don't trust you, I might tell you to "bug off". That means, stay away from my kid. Old Pappa Lions can be mean. We don't like to be, but we can....But, I don't think I would have to be mean with you, hon. (smile).
  • I would absolutely let you date my son! You are one of the more respectful young women I've "met" in a while.
  • Nah I don't reckon so :)
  • Why should I hate you for dating my son? I like you AG and I know you would be alot better for him thn the girl he is with but like a good parent I am keeping my mouth shut and staying out of it.
  • Nope, just dont make no babies, make sure he gloves it up
  • Nah, not at all. I don't hate people!

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