• backwards, start at the end and move to the beginning. OK this was a stab in the dark... Edit: Have a top view of the maze.
  • by making your own maze?
  • You put your hand on one of the sides if the maze and don't take it off. You follow that side of hedge and eventually it leads you to the end of the maze.
  • To quickly and efficiently manuever your way through the maze without any never said how to do just said what is the fastest way.
  • Sorry man, I can't hold it back any longer and I just gave a hint that is a dead give away. Some people aren't going to like this but the answer fits the question perfectly: The way from the beginning to the end of a maze that qualifies as both the easiest and the quickest, is to go around the maze. Notice I did not say to solve the maze. It's an interesting question in a test I once took to evaluate thinking processes. It's amazing how often we assume there are restrictions on what we can do when there are none there. I'm only barely learning to overcome that kind of conditioning. Feel free to rate low or not at all. I don't keep track anyway. The points here are the same as "Who's Line is it Anyway?". I'm just here for the fun and the mental exercise.
  • Is this a maze on paper? In that case, just draw a straight line from the beginning to the end. It does not solve the maze, but you didn't specify that I had to solve the maze. Its definitely the easiest way, and the shortest route between two points is a straight line.
  • Get a chainsaw (btw it only works with foliage) Cut circles through, then you get to the end. depending on the size of the maze, this can take as little as 3 minutes!
  • roll out some string behind you as you go, always take a left turn if you can, unless it would mean going where the string has already gone. fastest way, if we're talking a maze in a garden, 6 foot high walls - would probably be to run. otherwise, climb onto top of walls, and walk along tops of walls, and step across gaps when necessary. .... or instead of going from A to B, go from M to E
  • the best way is to constantly keep your hand touching the left hand wall. Although it is highly likely you will cover every bit of ground, you will never get lost and end up walking round and round in circles, so ends up faster.
  • Hmm! A map?

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