• well, I went to Texas last summer and I ran a 5K for the Airforce. 3000 people partook in the run. I finished at about 30 min....I was in the top 500 people who using my deductive reasoning and math skills I am going to say the average person finisged at about 35 min.....The top person to finish got like 17 was amazing..he was fast...
  • I used to run 5k's all the time and I'd say the average would be between 30-40 minutes. (The fastest 5k runners having times 16-20 minutes, and the slowest runners having times of 40-80 minutes) Carmella I dont think you have to worry about being last. :)
  • 30-40 min please rate my answer usefull please iam new
  • I can't say what the average person would run the 5k in, because there are so many factors. What I can tell you is the elite high school runners will run a 5k in 15 min, and elite college runners and professionals will run a 5k in 13 mins or less. A good goal for any beginning runner is to run it in under 35 mins. Don't expect to run it in 20 minutes, because ran cross country two years before I could post a time under 20 min. Running, like anything, take practice to become good at.
  • well many people I run with run it in around 30-35 mins. My first one was WALKED in 55 mins. I just finished one today in 45 mins. I am New to running/walking but I am told I am doing good-- Good Luck to anyone trying!
  • My daughter just joined cross country. The first 5k run she did was 32 minutes. her last run in league competition was 25.49
  • id say average included all people is around 30-40. in the high school lever, somewhere around 27, but for people in cross country, its more like 20. At the state meets, people run from 16:00-19:00, I being mid 16's
  • I only started running 5km recently. I ran 4.8km in 25 minutes at my first attempt, but due to my continued motivation I now run 5.15km in 24 and a half minutes after just 4 weeks. I'm a young fit strapping lad in my mid-late twenties-is this time reasonable????
  • well I ran cross country in high school, and my average time for 5k was between 17-19 minutes. However as someone said, there are many factors that can affect, such as temperature,and the kind of track.
  • Until they finish it.
  • to complete 5k run in is easy
  • Im a freshman in cross country at a very competitive school in Texas. I can personally run a 3.3 mile race in about 19:08 right now. The slowest guy on my team runs 24:00 minutes, and the fastest runs about 16:00. The fastest runners in the state are about 15:00 average! One runner has an average of 14:55.

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