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  • Cry for help or attention. In all seriousness, if a person were to want to be successful in this task, silence would be key.
  • In my experience those that really intend to do it, just do it, without alarming everybody first, they are the genuine ones - sad but true, and single males are the most likely to do so.
  • To see if anyone cares or to gain some attention. It's usually a desperate attempt at getting people to listen/help that person. Of course, there are people that threaten suicide everytime something doesn't go their way, which means that they don't know how to express their true feelings AND have others react to them or take them seriously. No matter what the person's reason is for saying they want to commit suicide, the bottom line is, they are feeling hurt and sad about something and they don't know how else to express those feelings effectively.
  • Yes, I have done that. I am saving a life, I dont really care if they get pissed at me, at least they are alive to be able to do that.
  • Who knows. I have had two friends commit suicide in the past five years. One didn't say anything, he just did it. The other told me..and I reacted with frustration thinking that he was after attention. He ended up jumping off of the golden gate bridge. The worst part about this is that I was ended up seeing it because it was featured in a documentary called "bridge of sorrows" which was about people jumping off the G.G. pretty horrific. From now on...if someone says anything to me about suicide..I take it very seriously.
  • Because they want someone to stop them... i did this... i told my freind that i was killing myself in hopes that they would try to stop me and get me help... they didnt... but im alive for right now...
  • Those that really are suicidal almost NEVER tell anyone.. those that do tell someone are usually the ones who have no intention of killing themselves but are just looking for attention..
  • Because that person may not see them again and that someone may just want to say his last goodbyes. If someone gives away all his belongings, he's probably serious about it.
  • Because they do not really intend to die. Those who intend to succeed make sure no-one knows in time.
  • People talk about suicide because every feeling and desire in the very marrow of their being calls out for release from the pain. A pain that seems endless and unable to be relieved. They talk about it because they are hoping with all their heart that there will be one caring person in the world who can give them just enough comfort and/or understanding so that they don't feel so totally alone and lost within their pain. To say it is a cry for attention is such a cruel response. Does a person cry out for attention when they have cut off their foot with a chainsaw or experienced the loss of someone they love? Of course, they do. It is human nature to hold out the hurting, bleeding part of ourselves to someone else. But these cries are not some selfish attempt to gather warm fuzzies.It is an involutary outcry from the persons's torn soul or body. A last question to the world before the suicide occurs. "Is there anyone anywhere who listens or cares or understands or has an viewpoint or cure I can't find on my own?" Suicide occurs after the long, long silence.
  • To see if there is still a reason, any reason, to live.
  • Have you ever seen the movie Julian Po?
  • When they talk about committing a suicide... they want people to pay attention to them and wants to know if there is someone cares about them... these kind of people are having troubles in their life and no one listens to them... they think that no one loves them and being rejected from other people... they feel lonely and most of them don't have social life....
  • they would tell someone about it probably because they want to see if someone actually cares enough to stop them if that person they tell dosen't do anything then the person who wants to die will commit suicide because they think no one cares or willl miss them. unfortunatly i am one of those people so i know exactly how those people think and i have suicidal friends and i know from both points of veiw, some people do it for attention but most do it to see if anyone cares.
  • I've known someone to slit their wrists, and then dial every number in her phone book just for pity.
  • cuz deep down inside they dont want to. thye want some one to stop them, sto see if anyone does care, thats y its important not to ever ignore a person considering suicide
  • When they do that it is a cry for help. The ones who are serious don't say a word they just do it.
  • They're trying to get someone to stop them, or seeing if anyone cares enough to stop them.
  • I think there thinking is ALL confused, and lonelyness, depression sets in. They feel like it is there only escape. Are looking for someone to save them too stop the pain they are going through. A cry for help.
  • Ussually if they are serious about it you find out when you find their dead body. If they talk about it and are serious then they want someone to feel guilty after they are gone. I don't get worried when people talk. I worry when they stop and start smiling. That tells me they have a plan and they intend to carry it out.
  • I know of at least two people who seemed like the happiest people you could meet, the last people you would think would commit suicide. Both of them did with no warning and not saying a word to anyone.
  • Because they were so desperate for attention, they tended to say things that they never meant on doing. That would totally be my guess.
  • well, sometimes real suiciders want to see if anyone cares, to bring them out of their slump, and when people say 'suicides don't say it, they do it' it just puts them deeper in that hole. then al of a sudden BAM...and everyone's shocked. if people talk about suicide, it should be taken very seriously and carefully because you could make their condition worse.
  • They just want to be acknowledged the reasons behind the suicide.
  • I don't think they would. At least not anyone they knew or anyone that could stop them. What would be the point in that. Those are attention seekers or calls for help. Someone who is really going to do it...will research it quietly.
  • I think what they really want is attention, like before they die they want to accomplish something maybe? Like perhaps they want people to know what is the cause of their death, maybe they want people to actually care about them before they kill themselves and say bye to the world :(
  • People talk about it if they want help, or if they aren't serious. I take them all seriously because it is the only way to make sure I don't push away someone who really does want help.
  • I knew two pwople that didn't say a word before they did it.The people who have said it are still alive.
  • 1) To let other people know... On the internet, it's anonymous, so no one would be able to stop them. 2) To be talked out of it. This is probably the most-likely reason.
  • They say the ones that don't cry for help by telling others are the ones who actually do it...My mom tried to kill herself 3 times....I joked with her years later that she wasn't even good at that....
  • Cuz people want someone to notice or care about them if they do do it.
  • I don't think you can comprehend what is going through a truly suicidal person's mind when they are that desparate. I don't mean that to be offensive to you, but most people way deep down wouldn't commit suicide if they could find some sort of hope for themselves. So by reaching out, they are trying to find hope for their situation.
  • to see if there is one reason to they shouldn't
  • why does everyone think that anyone who threatens it doesn't mean and only wants attention. that is a myth. 99% of people who attempt HAVE given indications of being suicidal..people are just too dense to realize it. It is NOT for attention. Some of us literally have NOBODY to talk to..NOBODY and AB is our lifeline. We don't expect you to stop it..we expect you to care just a little..and most people who are suicidal are not thinking clearly. I NEVER left a note for my family..they wouldn't know if i was gone or not but I WOULD tell a total stranger I wanted to die... and NOT for attention. you people have no idea what you are talking about.. you ASSume that everyone is just wanting attention.. what happens if you are wrong. I am not saying that anyone on AB can stop a suicidal person but I can tell you as someone who has been suicidal most of their would not hurt you to show just a small amount of compassion.. one day it could be you
  • Most likely they would not tell anyone about it simply because if their mind is so set then they don't want anyone to interfere. If they do drop hints it means they aren't sure and want someone to step in and possibly save/guide/advize them. Hunter S. Thompson told his wife over the phone he was going to commit suicide. I don't think the phone was hung up by the time he pulled the trigger. I hope he wasnt THAT inconsiderate but apparantly she understood why he did it (i think it was to end his life on his own terms not some unknown factor)
  • duh! most people telling others have not yet decided.
  • maybe theyre hoping people will stop them
  • a lot of the time they dont say anything if they are going to do it but at the same time some people are looking for someone to talk them out of it

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