• I've been in one fight, and I would say that my skills in ka-razy were quite helpful. In truth the guy was a giant, he hit me first, and I kicked him in the balls and made a run for it... I like my first story better though.
  • I am a yellow belt so perhaps I should pick a real fight just to find out... LOL!
  • Yes I have been in many "real" fights and I can honestly say you can easily tell the difference between someone with martial arts training and someone without. I used to work as a night club door man and some of the toughest people I ever met were small, fast individuals with a big background in MA.
  • I've been in one fight. Me and my friend were drunk and decided to fight. He was much bigger then me. I hit him with 2 or 3 good punches, then he just grabbed me and choked me until I finially had to tap out. That was fun. =P
  • Yes and Yes :)
  • My sister had a boyfriend who studied martial arts and one night he got into a fight with a really big guy, sorry to say the guy flatened him. I think in some cases I have seen it helps, but in his case he looked like an idiot, of course when anyone fights (real) they look like an idiot. (no offense, I see this as a childish, immature way to deal with issues, and it usually doesn't accomplish anything for the long run)
  • I've been in a lot of fights. Prison included. Everybody has a gameplan until they get punched in the mouth. However, the last person you want to tangle with is someone w/ a Mixed Martial Arts background and nothing to lose.
  • The martial arts didn't hurt, but you have to have a level head to apply them effectively. I was so pissed off I didn't and I just went bonzo. That was years ago, I haven't been in an all out brawl in a long time
  • Yes and yes ... there are three wheelchair riders in prison because I took the time to study and learn martial arts ... my would be muggers had a gun and a knife and there were three of them against just me unarmed ...
  • yes... depends, on what you're focused on. if your focused on not hurting too much your opponent, surely. if you're willing to, mostly. but neighter to fight well you do not have to think about yourself and what you leanerd, stances and sorts. you got to assimilate and flow with it, like whatever he/them do, you wrap and crush around them like whirling water. being focused on the moves you have to do, it's no use in a fight. you have to foresee and flow, not plan and reason, or you'll end up asking to your self "what am i fighing for?" and haveing your face crashed against the grid of closed shop and i can ensure you that THAT hurts.
  • Yes. But for some odd reason, I can't fight if I am TRYING to fight. If I just let it flow naturally, I can use anything I've learned or seen against my opponent. It just kind of flows naturally.
  • Yes and Yes. No contest, hands down much easier to defeat enemy with training.
  • I have only been in movie fights. In "Manji Mai 2", seven bandits draw swords and attack me while I am walking along a road. I draw my katana and kill them all in about nine seconds. Later, a huge man nearly 7'-0", 300 lbs. attacks a small samurai who is helpless against him. I am a 5'-2". 99 lbs. girl, but I rush in to save my pal and quickly knock the giant unconscious. It is good that I know martial arts for these movie fights. If I did not, I would need to practice for weeks for long hours to look convincing in my movie fights.
  • I have been in many real fights. I has several with bullies in elementary school, so I was a great fighter even before I studied martial arts. My martial arts have been quite effective. My reputation has allowed me to avoid some potential fights. Once, I went to visit my brother. He lived in Nashville, and I lived in San Francisco. He was married twice. His wife was not there, so I asked about her. He told me they quarreled and she went to her parents; home. I wanted to sleep after the long trip, and he told me to meet him at a bar. When I entered the bar, six men were coming toward my brother, and his wife was in the back with a black eye. I stood between my brother and the gang and grinned at them. The leader was 6'-6", 240 lbs. I later heard. One of them said, Oh no, that must be his brother from Frisco who is a great martial arts master who can kill all of us, so they fled. It is good they did. I was going to kill or cripple them to save my brother.

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