• Go to click on pet/animals, then click on exotic, then click on rabbits, there will be a list of people that can answer serious rabbit issues. Look for the name Dana Krempels Ph.D., and on the right side it will say ask a question. Ask her your rabbit question, she is extremely educated in rabbits, and some of the questions you have asked, I feel she would really help you. I have a lot of rabbits, and when I have a issue that is on the serious side I ask her, and when it's something basic I go here.
  • Just relieving the pressure isn't enough to heal sore hocks or pododermatitis. You should put some topical ointment on it like zinc or iodine, even an antibiotic if it's infected. Very bad cases can even infect the bone. You could try New Skin liquid bandage, it works well to seal off bacteria from getting inside and making it worse. Keep the nails trimmed very short. Be sure to scrub the cage and get it as clean as possible. If rusty, paint it or change the rabbit to a better safer cage. Make sure the bedding, cage and anything the rabbit sits on is dry as humidity makes it worse. Give the rabbit a fleece pad with plenty of straw or hay so it can relieve the pressure from it's body but be sure to remove any fecal matter in the hay as that could lead to infections. Once a rabbit has it, though, if it gets bad it can take months to heal, even never healing up in some cases. With sore feet they lose their appetite and then condition. If I was in your situation, I would place the doe in a solid bottom cage or a wire one with fleece and thick layer of hay and then the nest box in there. Measure her food so I know if she is going off her feed and hope fro the best. If I can foster her kits, great. If not, just hope she can care for them. Then if she wasn't getting much better, I would cull her. I wouldn't keep any of the kits or use them for breeding either, since they might be thinner footed like she is. To avoid it in the future, get rid of stock that is prone to it as it is genetic. Keep cages and all surfaces very clean and dry, if it becomes a problem bleaching once a week. Trim toenails once a month, especially on heavier rabbits. Give rabbits a flat resting surface in their wire cage.

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